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Video - Sex-ed in Norway is Foreskin-Positive


  • Video - Sex-ed in Norway is Foreskin-Positive

    This is part of series of fun, casual, highly informative videos that is also available on YouTube.

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      ^^ don't understand Norwegian ^^
      When I watched it was captioned in English. When watching the YouTube version you can activate English subtitles easily:
      - Click the English flag at the top
      - Start playing the video and click the Subtitles button (within the youtube player, next to the quality gear button).

    • OzVic
      OzVic commented
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      Excellent videos, pity the rest of the world is not so liberal minded regarding puberty education, society and the world would be a better more normal place.
      I have to disagree with her class on one point .. the glans is not the most sensitive part, the ridged band frenum G spot (about the size of a pea) and the inner foreskin.

      The video got it close, but no cigar as they say when identifying the "most" sensitive parts of the human penis.

    • Going Hooded
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      The web site link no longer works; But it is posted on youTube @
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