Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health issues affect by man men during the relationship problem. Lots of men are not interest to do their daily works in full mind set due to the Ed problem. Ed is also mention as male impotence. It is not allow men to do erection during the sexual intercourse. There is lot of reasons like lack of nutrition and energy in body, unhealthy food systems, bad habits, heterogeneity and environmental situation for the Ed problem.

Symptoms of erection problems
Each and every health issues shows symptoms in human body. That’s way Ed problem also shows symptoms in men body.
Men don’t have an erection, many of the time.
Men feel very hard to achieve erection during sexual intercourse.
Men feel very tuff to maintain erection for long hours with his life partner.
Few men are not interest in sexual relationship with his partner.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by the physical problems and physiological problem. But most the case physical problem is the major reason for the male impotence.

Physical problems
Men those who are consuming medicine for their health issues like blood pressure, diabetes etc… it makes side effects the ed problem to their body.
Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and intake illegal drugs cause impotence problem to men.
Nerve disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke and nerve damage also cause erectile dysfunction problem.
Some problem or health issues in the structure or surrounding tissues in the male reproductive region parts (penis).
Low level of the hormone testosterone, Pelvic injuries and complications of prostate is the reason for Ed problem.

Psychological causes
Psychological issues also the reason for Ed problem in many men life.
Problems with their past or current partner relationships.

Natural Remedy
Natural remedy is also gives good results for men relationship life. Lots of men are getting good mood after consuming the drumstick soup, dishes. Water melon is act as the natural energy booster in men body. Drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise is supports to skip the erectile dysfunction problem.

Treatment for Ed problem
Ed problem is easily cured by using the medical and natural remedy treatment. Today many men prefer the medicine treatment for their health issue. It is the fast result gives in many men life. Natural remedy gives results to men, but it takes more time to cure Ed problem. Sildenafil citrate medicine is used to get good results for impotence problem. It mainly increases the men erection during the relationship hours and reduces the body pain. It boosts the blood flow into male reproductive organ. It also stimulates the male sex hormones to do relationship with women. It starts action in men body within an hour’s and it effect stands for four to six hours. This medicine is available very low price in online pharmacy shop.