Unfortunately, when I was about 9 years old my mother got me circumcised because I was always getting infections. I tried the best I can to keep clean, but my foreskin was inflamed red with infection as well as my glans. Doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment my mother had no choice. It was just too painful to clean and the pediatrician didn't want to get me circumcised but as a last resort. All the medicines and cremes didn't work and I had to get circumcised for medical reasons. Now, I'm p*ssed because I rather have a nasty UTI than lose so much sensitivity. Is it best to allow a child to have complications like I had when growing up or get him circumcised?

I've been doing research into everything and the best hope I got is peripheral nerve regeneration, but the body has its limits repairing the damage. At the scar line of the Meissner's corpuscles (inner foreskin) and the shaft skin contains at least 10,000 nerve receptors that used to be connected to the removed outer foreskin. Thus, the inner foreskin along with the shaft skin starts growing nerve receptors and begin to reconnect to repair and compensate for the damage. What if I can induce mitosis at the scar line? So that I can gradually expand the 10,000+ repaired nerve receptors in an attempt to create a functioning outer foreskin. This will not repair the damage, but it may be the closest I can get. I then did some research by googling for creams that contain some special protein that regrows nerve endings(reinnervation). I doubt this, but I have nothing to lose.

Fortunately, I have a lot of inner foreskin left of about 1.25 inches flaccid. I also still have my frenelum but it doesn't function right.

There are studies to this, but I'm not sure what re-innervate means but it sounds potentially hopeful.