So for anyone who may be confused when I wrote back in January this year "monthly progress", well best I can say is there isn't enough of a jump in progress to warrant a monthly basis. Every couple of months should suffice.

Anyway, rigged a new knee strap method with the DTR to tug during the day. 1 hour inflation sessions during the week. Also bought the DTR Retainer bell. It's pretty good compared to my usual o-ring retainer.

Somewhat unrelated, but I started working out extensively again, so I expect significant weight loss, approximately 10 lbs. or so. Minor diet tweaks with veggie smoothies to balance out a high protein diet. Noticed better skin quality as a result.

As far as skin growth progress, I feel I'm right on the cusp of CI-4, which is a conservative estimate. Random roll over and coverage when sitting or squatting down (happens during exercise on the road bike especially). Maybe by the end of the year, CI-5?