I’m from Australia. I was unluckily cut days after my birth not to bore you but I became interested in restoring when I was about 25. That was 11 years ago. I restored for about 12 months but not consistently. When I was first restoring I saw minor progress like looser skin on my shaft when hard and some bunching behind the glans when flaccid. I think my progress was slow and I was mentally unprepared for how long it was going to take. I found it hard to keep restoring consistently back then.

I’m in my 30s now and don’t want to regret not restoring in another 10 years so I’ve started restoring again using the DTR which I bought years ago. I also recently bought the TLC X. I find it easier to apply the DTR but it’s not as comfortable as the TLC for wearing more than a couple of hours at a time.

I’m CI3 and my goal is to have flaccid coverage, at least CI7. Unlike before, I’m mentally prepared for it to take several years.

I read a lot of the other posts here and decided to speak up. In time I’ll add progress photos.

Any tips on taking clear progress pictures?
What works for other guys? Before or after tugging? Or maybe after a shower?

Here is where I am with restoring. My first experience with the DTR caused a blood blister on my penis which has caused a permanent dark spot. I’ve been more careful since then.

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