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  • Am I Doing This Right?

    Am I doing this right? Ive made a good bit of progress over the years with weights and the dual tension methods from both DTR and TLC. Made the jump to air and it seems to effect more surface area. The ring is something new that seems to prefent slippage by not allowing the skin to balloon too much. Occasionally when I am wearing it a long time, wearing tighter clothes, or sitting for extended periods while clothed I get some pinching. Overall I go as high of pressure that I can use without forcing slipping. 8-12 hours / day and retaining otherwise.

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    I don't think so, it looks like you're constricting blood flow.
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      I am using inflation. Are you saying the before the metal ring, as you inflated, the gripper would pop off? And now, using the ring, that does not happen? That sounds odd....

      8-12 hours a day, for inflation, seems like a lot. I too would be concerned about blood flow.

      If you think about manual restorers, they are only tugging for minutes at a time, and probably less that a couple hours a day. I have used inflation doing about 20 minutes, twice a day. That was the most progress I ever made. Currently I am doing about 45 minutes, once per day, with an hour or so of retaining after.

      I cannot say whether you are doing it right, since there is so much variation among restoring men, but it is different than what I have done.


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        Originally posted by gdom
        I don't think so, it looks like you're constricting blood flow.
        I was just thinking this. I think it would be worth contacting the manufacturer for advice. Don't wreck your penis over this.
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