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  • Nomad's inflation setup

    My inflation setup is inspired by the many users from and I just wanted to share my setup to the users on this forum too

    I had begun with regrow's setup with inflation with a wide Your Skin Cone and a balloon(in my case a condom). I've used this setup for 2 weeks and noticed the condom breaking from twisting too many times. Ive used long balloons too and they break too after 2 days or less. So I needed a better method and thought of this after some inspiration from other inflation users.

    The materials you need are ===>

    -Wide Your Skin Cone
    -small bulldog clip
    -long party balloons
    -aquarium tubing
    -small rubber band
    -one way air valve
    -blood pressure pump or air blower pump
    -portable water squinter filled with clean drinking water

    There is a photo attached of the materials so you can get started.

    After having the materials and having them assembled like on the photo this is how I apply the device. Photos are attached to provide some guidance.

    Step 1. Inflate the balloon a little bit till it has little "drum" like texture

    Step 2. Apply the YSC and bulge some foreskin outside the smaller hole

    Step 3. Pull the foreskin toward you and make the YSC smaller hole go to the back of your glans. Make sure to not suffocate you penis too long by testing beforehand. 10 seconds in this position wont hurt my penis but MAKE SURE you don't hurt yourself!

    Step 4. Using the water squirter, water the glans and balloon to make the balloon lubricated. This enables the balloon to expand through your inner foreskin much better.

    Step 5. Push the balloon to the glans and pull away the foreskin from your body. Try to fit all the balloon inside your foreskin. If you can't, you may want to have a shorter balloon installed.

    Step 6. Inflate the balloon with an air pump. You may use a blood pressure pump, air blower pump, a syringe, a portable balloon inflator or own breath with a long tubing. A blood pressure pump is the best way on my opinion as it is the most portable and requires just one hand to inflate.

    Step 7. Clip the bulldog clip the the aquarium tubing between the balloon and the one way air valve. The one way air valve will still leak tiny amount of air, Placing the bulldog clip will make it almost air tight. Without the bulldog clip I can feel tension going down just after an hour, so I'll have to top up the air every hour to keep the tension.

    There are some other things I want to address...

    1. Pass pressurized clean water through the one way air valve at least once every 2 days to keep the rubber inside moist and as air tight as possible.

    2 When I clean the device I use dish soap and water. But if your away from the convenience of your home you can dampen a cotton bud with alcohol and with the YSC and the balloon. The water squirter can be used to clean your inner foreskin and glans, following a nice wipe with a tissue or baby wipe.

    3. You can wrap you foreskin with a wrap to prevent it from ballooning too much, but I think this is very unnecessary. Ive been tugging with inflation for less than a month but Ive heard and seen many users with no baggy foreskins at all after inflation for years without a wrap.

    When we are tugging what we are doing is encouraging the cells to multiply and grow. So the growing occurs when the foreskin is at rest. I use a 24mm TLC packer when not tugging to encourage growth to the direction I want.

    4. To check for air leakage submerge the whole device in water and check for air bubbles. If there are none that means your device is air tight.

    5. Detaching the device to pee requires the detachment of the one way air valve from the aquarium tubing. It may be quite hard so use your thumbnail to pull it away. After lots of applications and detachment for about a week the tubing will become loose and easier to detach. If it become too loose and starts to leak air you can replace it with a new one.

    I tug with medium tension where my foreskin can still be pressed with my 2 fingers and still dig in a little bit and feel no pain at all. REMEMBER! its very easy to over inflation, the intense pain will mostly come after you deflate the balloon. You will feel the stretch mostly after deflating the balloon so inflating your foreskin to be as tight as a drum will just give you pain and even ugly stretch marks on the long term. I suggest inflating with medium tension and gauging it with pressing you inflated foreskin with 2 fingers, feeling that you can still compress it and feel no pain.

    My daily routine usually are 2 sessions of 3 hours of inflation and 2 sessions of TLC X tugging for 1 1/2 hours. In between and when I sleep I retain with my 24mm TLC Packer with the YSC. I like to mix up different device and spice up my routine with some manual tugging too. I think that by using multiple techniques may grow skin quicker. That is if one of my tugging way is not giving me substantial results, the other ways will compensate.

    Inflation requires the user to have substantial skin, about CI-3. So this is pretty intermediate to advance technique.

    Stripping down my loose jeans and boxers, detaching the device, peeing, putting the device and putting up my boxers and loose jeans take about 1 min and 30sec if I'm quite laid back at most it take me 2 min. Its pretty quick in my opinion.

    Some advantages to inflation I've noticed are.....

    -I can forget that I'm tugging. Really! its that comfortable! Tugging down the knee with my TLC X still makes me a little conscious of the fact I'm tugging even if I'm trying to tug as comfortable as I could.

    -Less parts. That means I clean less parts and will loose less parts. It's really a time saver!

    -No need to worry of loosing optimal tension. Tugging down the leg when sitting down give me more tension than when standing and walking. It really bothers me when I don't get the constant gentle tension I want. With inflation tension is very constant and it give me a tug I want. The thing is that over inflating is very easy so be careful and don't get overzealous. Pain is your friend on gauging tension! Never tolerate it!

    -It's super cheap and still effective. Even if I do loose any parts even after tying the device with a shoelace to my boxers, the parts are still cheap and replaceable.

    -It's very COOL! It make me proud of myself.......Seeing my foreskin ballooned up really makes my day.

    I hope this would be useful to anybody who wants to try inflation. Any suggestions, comments and questions please address them below.

    Stay positive and KOT!

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    Step 6, step 7, tension gauging, aquarium tubing removal from one way valve attached and normal usage down here.


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      After inflation pics after about 2 hours and inflation without one way air valve down here.

      Notice the amazing wrinkles formed after the tug!


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        Looks great...nice work.


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          Tempted to actually try this now. Have been pondering for some time since I'm never completely happy with wearing weight or tension, as either one eventually bugs me. What's detracted me from inflation so far is the effort needed to set it up, but the tension you're getting from this fairly minimal setup looks most impressive! Good on you!
          Tugging my heart strings every day.


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            Very nice work!! I am having trouble with the balloon deflating with my DTR retainer!!!You have any suggestions how to keep balloon inflated on the airline!!


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              Originally posted by abhchelms View Post
              Very nice work!! I am having trouble with the balloon deflating with my DTR retainer!!!You have any suggestions how to keep balloon inflated on the airline!!
              You might be better off posting in a new thread.

              Do you know where the leak is coming form? that will be the key to sorting out a solution.

              I found that the aquarium one way valves did not seem reliable for me. I tape the balloon to the tube that is permanently attached (press fit) to the blood pressure bulb. It works much better than the set up I was using that had the one way valve. Much easier to fine tune tension by letting air out or in as needed.