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My TLC-X Direct Air Mod

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  • My TLC-X Direct Air Mod

    Who says you can't do direct air with only the TLC-X?

    This mod works reasonably well to transform your TLC-X into using the direct air method. I wouldn't trust it in a situation where you're active, but if you have a few hours to relax and sit down, watch TV, play videogames, etc. this is a great to get that omnidirectional stretching in.

    The mod is as follows:

    The push rod and plate are taken out of the TLC-X and the device is applied just like a normal TLC. Then I've taken a medical microbore tubing extension set and removed most of the male end so that only a small, stiff tube of plastic remained. This tube is juuuuust big enough to fit into the top of the white tlc cone snugly. In order to maintain a proper seal, I've stacked two grommets on top of each other. This maintains pressure on the Your-Skin Cone so that air is less likely to escape. I can then attach a luer-lock syringe (I've been using a 30ml one) to the female end of the microbore tubing and inflate to my desired tension.

    I'm very pleased with how it works. Right now, the seal is just weak enough that I'm not able to generate an amount of tension that is painful or even uncomfortable, but strong enough that the stretched skin feels very quite firm and balloon-like.

    Like I said, I wouldn't trust this for any sort of activity. If I could find one properly sized grommet instead of the finnicky ones I have to stack, I think it would be far more stable. Also, air does slowly escape, and I generally need to add 5 extra mL of air about every 15 or 20 minutes to maintain the perfect tension.

    Just thought I'd share, let me know if you have any questions!

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    Very intuitive idea! I've tried to find a cable that would fit that small hole too.

    Well I'm very satisfied with my inflation setup but this sure will be a good addition. It's always nice to play with different kinds of methods.

    Stay Positive and KOT!


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      Do you have links to buy these items so that one can try the mod themselves?
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        Sorry, I'm a medical professional, so the items I used were from the hospital I work at. The 30mL luer lock syringe should be super easy to find, finding tubing that is the perfect size to fit in the hole of the TLC-X might be a little more difficult though. As for the grommets, just go to your local hardware store and find something that works.


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          The Tlc-x air with a balloon works great ..