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  • Best Direct Air Device?

    As the two DA devices I have seen are literally the same price I must ask for personal anecdote of those who have used them. Does the TLCair blow the competition out of the water for tapeless DA methods? I would like to buy a device designed for DA usage as I find my DTR comes off when set up for DA if I don't otherwise secure it beyond the gripper.

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    Look into hyperrestore products if you haven't already. I have one DA device from there and its really good! They have more information on their website about how it stretches the skin in a different way than traditional tugging methods. I feel a much greater pull on the top of my skin using it, which is something I'm trying to get more of right now. The traditional method, not so much. As for the other DA devices, i have never used them. But im interested in other peoples responses.


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      The HyperRestore seems simpler to me than the TLC Air products - fewer parts to fuss with. I had good success with the HyperRestore DA for the year I used it.
      Visit my restoration progress journal.


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        The fitv2 is the best device by a country mile having tried everything else. Super easy to put on and will never, ever fall off. https://www.foreskin-restoration-dev...ct-page/fit-v2


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          I concur with Aarrnn, The FIT is designed for inflation where the DTR is not. The FIT is a bit larger and the silicone gripper is super sticky so it can take a lot more pressure without blowing off. A word of caution however, since it is so much larger than the DTR retainer or bell, a beginner may need a bit more skin to make it work.


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            Forum member REGROW has shared his novel method for using just an RCX Your-Skin Cone and a balloon to give very effective and discrete Air stress.

            Discussion: https://ForeskinRestoration.vbulleti...-and-a-balloon

            He made a video demo:

            The video is password protected. The password is restore. The demo stops before he shows that you simply twist the balloon and pull up your briefs to keep the Air discreetly where you want it.
            -Ron Low
            [email protected]
            847 414-1692 Chicago