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    I prefer the balloon method but both would be a pain standing at a urinal .


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      Originally posted by Mouse515 View Post
      I've been restoring on and off for a few years and now I'm interested in trying out the direct air devices. My question, from those of you with experience, is which device is easiest to get on and off quickly and frequently? I have a frequent urination condition; it's being treated, but it means that I sometimes have to go a couple of times per hour. This has interrupted my restoring progress because when I need to leave a work meeting to pee, I can't stand around for five minutes reattaching whatever device while standing at a urinal. The decision comes down to tape vs balloons. I'm worried the constant removal and reattachment of tape is going to irritate my skin, while the balloon may be cumbersome to deal with discreetly at a urinal.

      TLDR: I pee a lot and want to know if I should prioritize the balloon method or the taped urethra method.
      Without question, I would opt for a method using an inflated air balloon. The balloon can be used with a variety of devices, but for my part, I used it with the main piece of the DTR. This is still a very simple method that is quick to install and remove and offers consistency in the restoration work, regardless of the type of activity or work you do.

      🔗 DTR with an air balloon.​


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        Originally posted by Matt View Post
        I prefer the balloon method but both would be a pain standing at a urinal .
        I've considered myself a stall guy since the day I started restoring, and I was sitting to pee whenever possible for decade prior to that.
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          I recently purchased the Airforceion b from Advanced products. I love the simple and easy but there is a learning curve on how to use it