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  • HyperRestore DirectAir Questions

    Just started restoring since October 1 using manual methods for a few days then moved on to the HyperRestore Direct Air.

    I think my beginning coverage is a CI-3 and thus far I have been using the device for about 3 hours two or three times a day with one day a week as a rest day.

    18 days restoring I've noticed the skin likes to cover the head just a little bit past the corona but it doesn't always and when it does it easily can be moved back.

    Couple questions:

    Is using just the HyperRestore DirectAir method sufficient to reach full coverage and more?

    Is my routine/interval and length of time the device is worn sufficient?

    Should I not worry about targeting inner/outer foreskin growth at this point? Or the scar line positioning at the tip?

    Many Thanks!


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    First off I'd say yes using the direct air inflation method can completely restore your foreskin, just watch the air pressure and don't over inflate. I think your routine is good as long as you tug fairly consistently you will see skin growth, I've had kind of a messed schedule and I can still see i'm still going somewhere. I know its hard to get the scar line to position at the tip when you're first starting out and I have the same problem so i'd say not to worry too much about targeting specific skin growth until you get more skin to work with, then start trying to buckle down on growing even skin lengths. If you want to go for a longer foreskin then you don't have to worry about tugging inner skin till you have flaccid coverage, it all depends on how much inner skin you start off with and what your coverage goal is, even though I worry about my scar line not being where I want it to be I still need to grow a LOT of skin so I have plenty of time to focus on my progress. Hoped that helped man.


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      Thanks for the reply ... useful information.

      The outer cone is starting to slip easily up the center of the inner cone when inflating. I read up that some have put a hose clamp there to help secure it, but I don't know how practical that would be for someone who wears this under clothes daily...