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Urinary inflation!??

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  • Urinary inflation!??

    I googled manual tugging method 2 for video and I seen it. I know what exactly to do with MTM2 and I noticed there is 'foreskin restoration - urinary inflation' on the related videos. I checked it out and deadly shock to watch him wear retainer and go pee in it. I don't go details -- you can check it out yourself (maybe you know that already). I personally am not sure if it's good idea to keep it up cos it's risk for your health or whatever. Besides my opinions, it also show his result in 3 months... from CI2 to CI5 ish. I must say its unbelievably amazing to his result.

    I wonder if there is anybody from here does that as well? And can I listen your experience? Anybody who haven't done it, what do you think of it?

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    There are many ways to apply tension: Straps, inserts/packers, air, water, urine, etc. The key is to apply optimal tension for you to grow skin effectively. If he has found that using urine he has an effective way to apply tension and grow skin, and he thinks that is a good way to go, he should do it.

    Me? I think that trying to apply tension while peeing through a retainer sounds like it would be difficult to get the optimal tension. For me, I find that there is a fine line between optimal and ineffective. So, I see no reason to switch to his method. My method is cleaner, doesn't require that I apply tension only when peeing, and is way more convenient, as far as I can tell. Tension is tension, nothing magic about peeing through a retainer.

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      And it should be said, nobody goes from C2 to C5 in 3 months.