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    There are many variations of inflation. The one I use is as follows:

    I based my method off these two methods:

    I basically use a length of aquarium air tubing with part of a balloon on one end and the air bulb from a blood pressure cuff at the other end.


    Blood Pressure cuff bulb:

    A baby bottle nipple gripper slides along the air tube and is used to grip my skin. It does not have to be air tight, it simply keeps the skin from slipping off the balloon. You do want to try and make the balloon/tube/blood pressure cuff bulb air tight, though if there is a small leak, you can easily keep adding air, for 15 minutes, that is not too difficult. Since the silicon aquarium air tubing I found fits the blood pressure cuff bulb very tightly, it is easy to get it air tight. Just slide the air tube onto the tapered fitting of the bulb. Done.

    The balloon is a bit more of a challenge. The balloons I use are the type clowns use to make animals etc for kids. I cut of the end and tape it to the aquarium tube. The balloon slides over the tube with room to spare. I use this tape:

    But I don't think it makes much difference. I like this tape because it is stretchy, so I can pull to stretch it, then apply it and it feels more air tight. One balloon lasts me a week. I remove the balloons and tape after a week, wash the tubing, wipe with rubbing alcohol, then let air dry a few minutes. Then attach a new balloon.

    The last thing to mention is lube. I find that I need a small dab of lube on the balloon to allow it to slide inside my skin tube easily. I also inflate and deflate a few times when I put it on at first, to distribute the lube under my skin. I use this lube:

    The amount of tension I use is enough to feel like I can't go any further without pain. It is just at the point of being a bit uncomfortable, yet after a few moments, I can forget I have anything on and it will feel like there is no tension. In fact, I am always a bit uncertain if I might have a small leak, so often "top off" the air occasionally, to see if there is a leak, but it seems to me that what actually happens is my skin relaxes, so tension is less. I try and keep it at the verge of discomfort, which is easy with the blood pressure cuff air bulb.

    One other tip is that I made a hole on the inside of a pocket of an old pair of sweat pants, so I could run the tube through the hole and keep the air bulb in my pocket. This makes is easy to move about the house and "top up" the air as needed.

    I basically tug while I eat my breakfast and dinner. That is it. And just on the weekdays.



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    So how's your progress tugging so little? That's got to be under an hour a day.
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      Yes, see if this helps.

      Blood Pressure Bulb, Aquarium Air Tube, Baby Bottle Nipples, and figure Balloon plus tape


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        Well just ask for more info as you need it.