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Hyper restore / mystery fluid

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  • Hyper restore / mystery fluid

    Has anyone encountered a mystery liquid when using a direct air inflation method? I’m mostly curious- I wear a hyper restore DA and after a few hours when I take it off and the seal has been really good, there is an odorless liquid inside my skin around my glans- enough that some drips off when I remove the device. My urethra is taped up, so I don’t believe it’s urine. I use a syringe to inflate, so I don’t believe there is much moisture in the air I’m pumping in there. Any ideas?

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    Is it clear, stringy and slippery? If so its pre cum that got by the tape. Could also be excreted from the subaceous glands of your inner mucosa (smegma).


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      I think it must just be sweat or whatever liquid the dekeratinized parts of my glans and inner skin are secreting now- strange!


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        first time i hear it


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          Sounds to me like sweat. Think about it, when you put on rubber gloves, the inside of the glove gets wet and sweaty!