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    Hey guys, I just got the DTR direct air set-up. If anyone has experience with direct air, how did you gauge when to take it off? Direct air isn't putting any pressure on my glans or tensioning my skin like dual tension or tugging. It's almost too comfortable honestly. I'm mainly concerned with circulation issues from wearing it too long; if that's even a real concern. Thank you

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    It depends on how much inflation you're using. Less air = less tension = more time. If I inflate to the feel of "squishy stress ball" (for example), I can usually leave the device on for several hours and not be bothered by it.

    On the other hand, if I inflate to "taut balloon" feel, there is more tension and I can feel it start to pinch after 2 hours or so. For me personally, I make better progress with taut balloon. I've used air inflation for 6-8 hours per day (with short breaks) with no ill effects.

    Everyone's body will respond differently. I would recommend experimenting with inflation levels until you can find the right balance between progress and discomfort. You should never tolerate pain, but you do need to toe the line to find the threshold, then back off from it.

    One last thought: I use a dental syringe (no needle) to inflate. It's more cumbersome than mouth inflation, but at least with the syringe you can consistently monitor how much air you're using. If you're interested, search amazon for "Easy Glide Curved Tip Syringes 10/12cc".


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      Thank you charcoal, I appreciate the feedback. I look forward to the results of this variation...


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        Question with DTR direct air...I just got this setup and I’m finding that even with the additional bell skin, the skin on the underside of my penis keeps pulling loose and then the air leaks out. I’ve noticed that the skin on the underside of my penis is thicker than the rest of my skin so I’m wondering if that is somehow a factor? Any tips or ideas for keeping the cone on when inflating good pressure? I’ve tried cleaning the device and my penis with water and with rubbing alcohol and I still have the same problem. I haven’t been using the wrap because I feel like it makes my dick too bulking and draws a little more attention to my crotch than I’d like. Any thoughts?