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Question about Radial Expansion

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  • Question about Radial Expansion

    Probably an old question, but I've never asked it and interacted with people about it. I've considered the balloon method of Hyper Restore, but I'm worried about having a baggy foreskin. Can anyone comment on this?

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    My whole restoration( aside from some manual tugging) has been direct air method and I wouldn't say my foreskin is baggy. It puckers pretty tight when I'm cold 😂
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    It's worth it boys. Keep going!


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      I have used inflation for years, and I have not noticed any "baggyness". I see a tightly gripping foreskin, when conditions are right. Many men worried about this when inflation first hit the scene. Many men have reported it is not an issue.

      There are things you can do to minimize any risk. For example, some men wrap something to restrict widening of the skin. that is petty common.

      Or, as I do, use balloons that do not expand widthwise, like these: Qualatex 260Q Tropical Assortment Tying Balloons (100ct): Kitchen & Dining

      I think that as long as you keep the end (opening) of your foreskin gripped inside the gripper, there is little to worry about. And any expansion widthwise where the foreskin will be draping over the corona, should, in theory, be helpful. Don't forget that after you reach your goal, and stop tugging, there will be some contraction, as far as I know, both ways, so that too argues that it is unlikely to be a problem.



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        You could choose a spot along your skin tube and declare it your Future Flaccid Roll-over Point (FFRP It's a spot you hope will pucker in a natural-looking way. It's the spot along your skin tube that will live at the furthest point from the base of your penis while you're in a typical flaccid state in the future when you're finished restoring.

        If you were able to tug such that the chosen spot was always worn at the skinny part of your device, then it would not ever be stretched wide, even if you use inflation.

        The main secret to ending up with a neat puckered appearance is growing enough slack so that eventually part of your skin is hanging out past the tip when you're flaccid, not even in contact with the glans. The skin there will be slightly cooler when it's not touching other body parts and the muscle fibres in that skin will therefore contract and make it pucker more of the time. But if you want to go the extra mile and make sure you target the FFRP as I've described you'll need a device that's longer and longer as you gain slack, so the chosen FFRP lands comfortably at the skinny part of the device with every routine device application. The TLC-X lets you add TLC Selects spacers to fine-tune device length for this purpose. TLC Stretch Tuggers are available in graduated lengths for this purpose. I understand DTR now offers length-adjusting spacers as well, as do some of the cheap knock-offs you might see on ebay.
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