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  • Hyper restore DA tips

    I like my hyper restore quite a bit but I have some issues I could use help mitigating. Firstly, I’m so sweaty that I often sweat off the tape covering ny urethra - are there any tapes that are sweat proof? It’s so incredibly moist inside, I wonder what other ways there are to prevent air getting in there.

    secondly, I occasionally have a deflation issue. Not a huge issue as I can just run the tube out of my pants and reinflate, but I’d rather not have to. I have a zip tie around the outer silicone part. Do I need a new valve? What else could be causing deflation?

    thanks y’all

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    So, personally, I started with tape, and then eventually seen how far I could go without it. Been tapeless ever sense, you’d be surprised how much you can pump it without air going thru the no-zone. I’ve only had air go in ONCE, and found out that if you put on the HR, and then press down on the valve nozzle and pull your dick away from you, it removes the vacuum effect. When I just put the HR on and hooked up the air pump, it inject a bit of air right into the urethra. The panic is worse than the actual discomfort and it’ll be the first and last time you hear a fart noise coming from your dick haha.

    if you truly don’t wanna give up tape, then the Nexcare waterproof tape is amazing (it should be tan colored). It’s been great and honestly peels off sooo much better than those harsher sticky tapes.

    Best of luck, fellow HR user!