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Hyperrestore DA issues

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  • Hyperrestore DA issues

    I've been having a strange problem with the DA for the last couple of days, and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience of similar and found a solution.

    Nothing has changed about the way I apply the device - inch or so of tape over urethra, rolling slack over, same pressure, etc. However, after about 20 seconds, I feel the uncomfortable feel of air shooting in, I have to quickly release the pressure and squeeze any air out. Oddly, on inspecting the tape, I can't see any obvious break in the seal, but it probably only needs a very small entry.
    Has anyone found a way to reliably prevent this? I'm being careful not to apply on wet skin, I'm always clean before putting it on, so I'm not sure why this can be happening.

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    I worked out the source of the problem.
    I received a roll of 3M Transpore tape with the device, so I assumed that this would be the best to use... it turns out that there are small holes in the tape, as part of its design, and these will allow air through, particularly when pressure goes above a certain threshold - this can even be triggered by moving in a certain way and squeezing the skin-balloon slightly.
    Rewatching the instructional videos on the Hyperrestore website, I noted that Blenderm tape is used, rather than Transpore. Blenderm appears to not have these holes.
    It's unclear why I got Transpore rather than Blenderm. It doesn't look like Blenderm any longer comes in the same narrow width that Transpore does, so there'll be some extra need to cut up the Blenderm or tear off a very short piece prior to application, but in my case this will be preferable to air randomly shooting through the tape and into my urethra.


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      This will be my final update on this issue:
      I bought some Blenderm tape (the type recommended for use in the how-to video, but not that which I received with the kit itself) and this problem has gone away.
      I'm pretty confident that the source of the problem was the non-airtight nature of the Transpore tape.


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        Thanks for giving us an update. I am sure it will be helpful to others. Sometimes it is those little details that are important, but so easily missed.