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  • Mini-Basketball Inflation

    A while back I'd been looking for something to play around with Inflation, having a compact valve to avoid a hose hanging out of skin. Think i spent too much time reading about plastic surgery expansion balloons

    The orange pump and plastic inflation needle are junk, the hoop backboard is camoflage if "you can't buy real foreskin devices", but that's not why we're here. You'll want to get a better pump or hand bulb, plus a metal needle so you don't break the valves in ball as soon.


    Size comparison
    large P-tainer, anti-sway towing coupler, 1-7/8" hitch, basketball

    Insert needle in valve, smash it into a cylinder with valve facing out, add some moisture around ball, put in foreskin, add air, rearrange skin, add pressure, pull needle out

    Then just insert needle into valve to drop pressure. If you leave needle installed in pump, unscrew slightly so it can bleed air.

    This paper is talking about the use of implanted Tissue Expanders using saline and keeping areas under constant tensioning for 8-12 weeks with weekly checkups and pressure changes. I believe if we follow their pressure guidelines for a week, we're good for the several hours at a time we keep under tension between breaks. Yes, hydraulics and pneumatics react to pressure differently, you try to find a pneumatic study of growing foreskins.

    "The amount of expansion at any particular session is decided by
    (1) palpating the expanded dome and assessing if it is still soft and pliable (add some more saline) or tight and tense (end of expansion for that session),
    (2) assessing the skin for signs of continued blanching on pressure at multiple points and good capillary return on release of the pressure (tissue tolerance) and
    (3) patient tolerance (pain and discomfort with feeling of too much tightness signals end of expansion for that session).[11] All these factors are balanced and fluid added or withdrawn towards the end of expansion in each session."
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    Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything

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    I could never ever get that big ball to fit…. But i’de have fun trying! Thanks for posting!


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      Matt, you don't try to fit an Inflated ball / balloon into the skin! You're just getting whatever fits inside with it collapsed, and adding air to get a reasonable stretch. Maybe it holds on its own, maybe it needs some tape or a retainer.

      I like these for inflation since the external texturing helps get a grip on inner skin and it really locks in place.

      If you're going to leave the house with something like this remember to atleast take an inflation needle so you can dump pressure, and a retainer to wear after.
      Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything


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        Great idea !!


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          I’m kind of doing the same thing using a balloon … inflating it once inside … it’s great


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            Are you not concerned with stretching the skin tube too much and not having a puckered look at the opening? That’s kinda why I don’t stretch for width anymore even thou I loved it


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              As far as i've seen, even when the skin has been very stretched out the Dartos muscles don't appear like they're going to have a problem being able to tighten up around glans. I also am not planning on trying to smuggle a Baseball, so i'm not trying to find out if theres a limit to how much it can still contract. (Put the Bowlingball down!)

              I'm also taking some inspiration from things about Intact guys stretching for doing Docking. Many of them are also perverting 'normal' items to get expansion. If they're able to stretch theirs out around various size objects and still spring back to a glans hug, it's a pretty good size. Also possibly a goal for later. In the things i've run across, fitting 1 more penis in yours seems fairly reasonable, fitting 2 more in yours is pretty rare.

              This ball and the trailer hitch can leave your shaft pushed back into your body some with a bit of a stretched 'wizard sleeve' for a few minutes after removal, but everything will go back to normal pretty quickly when tension released. Everyone is different, i don't know your penis, always listen to it more than me.

              i'm trying to grow skin, get my scar to not be a stress riser, and get it more able to move like the rest of my skin. There are other guys even wanting to take a wedge out of skin to close up the opening more? I think my route of this will help with where i'm trying to go. However, I do not know what you need for *your* goals.
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              Saying someone is "Unmutilated" is like saying "Unsweet Tea". So you mean it's just Tea, in its natural state, that nobody has screwed up? It can't be Un- anything


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                I just like to try different things. I’ve not tried a bowling ball !!!!!! Docking sounds wonderful I’ve never had a chance to do it tooo bad. I will just keep experimenting …