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  • Getting Back To Normal

    Ron, since the board was offline for such a long time, I am not surprised that it is slow getting started up again.

    I am sure that eventually it will become just as busy as it ever was.

    What concerns me is the lost posts.

    I know that over on Tally's board, and probably here too, there is a link to a webpage where posts from the old board can be viewed.

    As things get back to normal, are we goiong to have listings on here from the old board, where they can be accessed directly from this new board?

    Also, I am wondering what I should do with some of the threads I have saved to CD and whether they could be used here for such purposes.

    I'll make a list of what I do have saved to CD, and would not want to see lost, although I might not have any use for those threads at the present.

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    It's really unfortunate that it seem so slow around here. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing things pick up again.


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      Gotta get up early so I'll reply tomorrow.

      1) We will get a lot more traffic now that the old site URL points here.

      2) I'm going to pester all the TLC clients we've had since before the other site went down to let them know we're running. Many will be happy we're here.

      3) Again I'm so sorry about the loss of some guys' only early photos. I'm really sick, but we need to move ahead and not be eaten up by it.

      4) Yes we'll have a plan to rebuild this resource where we can. Details tba.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        While it is slow to happen, I think that things are beginning to return to normal, and eventually Ron's board will be back to its former glory as a great and very busy message board.


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          Looking forward to it


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            Hi guys, this is my first post on the newish version of FR! Some of you might know me as a regular on the old site.

            Have had problems accessing this site, but like now, sometimes lucky.

            Anyway, great to see the forum developing and getting on.


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              Glad to have you with us, Slothrop! I've been surfing what remains of the old board on the Way Back webpage, and have found some of your old posts there.

              I am right now preparing to present some of my findings from that surfing, which I hope all of the members here, new and old, will find of interest and benefit.


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                I do think that posts to the new board are increasing, and things are slowly getting back to normal.

                Right now, I can't find any counts to confirm this.

                Ron, do you have any count of just how much traffic started out here, as compared to how it is today?

                On the Way Back Machine, one thing I am noting is dates, and numbers of posts, to get an idea of what the traffic was on the old board.

                Do any of you other members have any counts on what the rate of posting was when the new board started, and how much it has increased since then?


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                  Originally posted by TheRifleman View Post
                  posts to the new board are increasing, and things are slowly getting back to normal.
                  When I log in and click Forums I see:

                  There are currently 28 users online. 3 members and 25 guests.
                  Most users ever online was 125 at 10:14 PM on 02-24-2016.
                  Topics: 495 Posts: 3,417 Members: 855 Active Members: 228

                  I'll keep an eye out for other sources of info.
                  -Ron Low
                  [email protected]
                  847 414-1692 Chicago


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                    Thanks for the figures, Ron.