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    Interesting. I know virtually nothing of the risks involved in tugging vs a penile implant. All I could find so far is general info regarding penile implants, and more specific (but still not on target) information about one such device (the last link). What's interesting about the last link is that the device was tested for certain physical stresses. Tugging is a physical stress. I would guess that as long as just the skin is tugged on, not the penile bodies, then stress to the device itself would be minimal. But I don't know that for a fact. So caution, implant folks, and communicate with your provider about the advisability of tugging.
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      One other thing I failed to mention; with a inflatable implant the penis always remains somewhat erect so it takes more effort and unfortunately more time to get coverage. Also, in cold weather the penis more stiff but in warm or hot weather it softens allowing more strenuous tugging and effort at stretching. Just some additional info for those with inflatable implants.


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        Actually, mitosis is mitosis. Tugging in order to bump cell replacement beyond maintenance rate is what we try for, and it works, but penis length has nothing to do with it. The rate is the rate; it was going to be slow no matter what. Covering a longer penis takes the same approximate time as does a flaccid penis when it erects.


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          Thanks you for sharing.