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  • LINKS: How to post in the forum

    This forum system has a quirk. When it displays links, it "saves us time" reading the long ones by sticking ellipses . . . in the middle to stand in for a lot of link text. This renders the forum useless for those who would copy and paste the text of an entry with links. To make sure all readers see and can copy the whole URL, please always repeat the link enclosed in curly braces { }. This will force the forum to display the full link as plain text.

    = = = = =
    Hey gang! Listen to this MP3 of a foreskin restoration song:
    = = = = =
    See how the forum automatically converted the URL to a link (with the target="_blank" attribute to open a new tab or window). In the process it shortens it for display. So inserting it again in braces lets readers see and copy the whole URL.

    Feel free to flag (by clicking the flag icon in the lower right) any old postings you see with bad link display and I'll fix them.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago