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  • DTR with clothing

    Perhaps an odd question, and perhaps obvious, but where do you wear the DTR when clothed?

    I can't seem to be comfortable with the rod (I use the 6 inch with bands) down a leg, so i wear it pointing up. This causes waist bands and all sorts of things to trouble me.

    should I work towards wearing it down a leg, perhaps even strapping it down?

    I like the device, but it is darn hard to wear with clothing.
    when I wear weights with the retainer instead, I am able to have it hang down a pant leg, but it only works when I am standing up. When sitting the bands would work better, but the pusher pushe's things in a way that makes it not hang well.

    Any advice, opinions, or otherwise?

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    I usually just wear it with my penis to the side, pretty comfortable. I don't use weights, so cant address that.


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      The DTR is a device that requires some skin to use it correctly and comfortably. CI 4 at a minimum. I have one and I am so close to a CI 4 and can get it on, but I'll continue to use my TLC X until I can use it properly. The beauty of the DTR is that it doesn't taper so small like the TLC X so you don't get any uncomfortable wrinkles. None. But you do need sufficient skin to use it. Once you get to that point your growth will skyrocket.


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        DTR is a little tricky at first but pretty quickly becomes easy to use. I wear mine every day and have made significant gains.


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          I disagree with needing CI4 to use the DTR. I am CI3 and have outgrown the smaller pushrod, at least for rubber bands.

          Anyway, I wear mine pointing down/to the side. Don't have much advice since everything has gone well for me. Pointing up seems like a nightmare.

          I'm sure this sounds patronizing, but maybe just ease into it slowly? Can you push it into the down position comfortably without wearing clothes?


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            I dont think I was really even close to CI-4 when I started with the DTR. Again, it took a little time to get used to it but overall it is a great tool. One advantage I have noticed compared to the TLCx is how it stays put. With the TLC I have occasionally had issues with it slipping off if my penis became slightly erect, as I typically start to secrete a moderate amount of preseminal fluid with minimal erectile activity, resulting in the slippage of the device. The DTR is not affected in the same way and holds in place even with a moderate amount of preseminal leakage. Both are great devices though, and I rotate their use.


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              I'be been restoring for a couple years, mostly TLC-X with weights.

              the DTR is only a few months old.

              I think the problem is that the pusher forces my actual penis back and causes it to bend a bit, because in order for it to put tension on the skin in must push the glans back. The curve just seems to go the wrong way, and I can't comfortably make it go somewhere else.

              I can use the rod as long as it points up, just can't make it go down.
              I kind of gave up. I have a fair amount if inner skin already, so I switched to using an elastic band fastened to a knee brace rather than use the pusher rod.

              i've been stuck in a no progress zone for quite a while, and I need to try something new for a bit anyway.


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                I would say the DA Hyperrestore is a good one to try. Not much skin is needed to start. I have been using for few months now and is very comfortable. I forget I'm wearing often and seems to really work well. I was nervous at first with direct air but the blenderm tape works great and comes off easily with no leftover adhesive. Seen some great progress in a few months as well and very customizable with what tension you need. I also switch up with the tic-x strapped with one spring and manual for about half hour to hour total every day focusing on outer skin. But I always feel like I get a way better tug with the hyperrestore also very easy to wear with clothing, more compact and can move anywhere, no strap to deal with.


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                  Meant to add, no pusher rod that pushes your glans that is causing you discomfort. Only thing I wish is that I would have gotten it sooner.