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  • DTR with not so much skin


    I just got my dtr yesterday and began foreskin restoration. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research totally right and bought the DTR while I'm somewhere around CI1-2. Yesterday I struggled to fit the tugger on but when on I wore it for about 2-3 hours with no break. When I took it off though my testicle hurted a bit. I read its best to keep it on and off an hour in the beginning. I can post pictures if that helps. Should I continue this way? Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah, that's not quite enough skin for.the DTR. You could remove the pusher, use the really short rod and a tugging strap around your leg or waist. Do some manual as well. Manual is very effective, just a pain.


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      I've actually managed to start tugging with it. Today is my third day and it is getting easier and easier. First day it was a pain to get it on. Also I feel I need to take it easy with the tension. I was attaching the strap but took it off because I felt like there was a little too much tension with it.

      Basically I press in the glans until I have enough skin to grasp. I'm trying to do 3+3hrs per day for a start, since I read that in order to see results you need 6-8hrs per day, 6 days a week. I already feel that my skin rolls up easier than it used to. Excited to see long term results!


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        Just because you can get it on doesn't mean it's on correctly. When I first got my DTR I was about a CI 2.5 or so. I could get it on, but it was basically tensioning the skin way low on my shaft. You DO NOT want that. You want to grow skin mid shaft to scar line ideally. If you remove the pusher your glans will go inside the body more and you will have more skin outside the device to be tensioned. Don't worry too much about growing inner skin right now. Once you have enough outer skin to wear the DTR properly and comfortably, you can use the pusher then to grow inner skin. And don't forget to supplement with manual whenever you can. Manual is VERY effective.


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          Hi Again parsecskin,

          Thanks a lot for the advice, I really appreciate it. Do you think about 20-30 mins of manual is enough, along with a few hours of DTR ? Starting tomorrow I will also remove the pusher to try and make sure I'm at least using skin from mid shaft and upwards.


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            Any manual helps. Even if it's only 2 or 3 minutes during a bathroom break. Do some manual when falling asleep, if you wake up for a few minutes during the nite etc. Whenever you can and you'll see that the time adds up fast. Soon you'll be able to use the DTR as intended. KOT!


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              Do not use it until you have more skin! I made this mistake and ended up with some serious injuries and a prostate infection from this device due to the internal pressure. Not a good idea at all.
              Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

              Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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                I was cut ridiculously tightly at a CI-0, so much so that I often got tears on my inner foreskin remnants when going through puberty and my penis bent when erect. It ruined my life.

                Anyway I tried a few methods using retainers and home-made tubes and tape, then I bought a Tug Ahoy followed by a CAT II and a TLC tugger. I couldn't live with any of them until I finally bought a DTR with bands. Not sure whether the inability to tolerate devices was due to being cut so tight and I also found straps a nightmare. After years of giving up on devices I have finally found on which works for me and so I am now tugging daily in work with a DTR and occasionally using a Hyper Restore when at home in the evening for a few hours.

                When starting with the DTR I also got the testicular aches but this has subsided and I think it is due to the scrotum being pulled and forcing a testicle into a new position. This is now a thing of the past as it all appears to have settled down and loosened up down there.

                I am now at a CI-3 and making good progress, I have skin bunching up around my corona and wrinkles where I never had them before (not due to the ageing process either!!!). Long way to go but finding a method that suits is half of the battle. Manual stretching is very effective in loosening skin to enable you to use a device. I also now use Aloe Gel which helps I think.

                I think you'll struggle with a DTC this early and maybe a CAT II for a few months until you're ready to progress may be worth a try. Both work in the same way but the DTR is like an F1 car when you're a learner driver


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                  I was able to wear a dtr at ci-2 with no problem but when I started at ci-1 I loosened up with cross tape first. Manual method +2 and cross taping actually seem to work better the less you have.


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                    Just because you can get the thing on doesn't mean it fits PROPERLY. CI4+!!


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                      Can i ask everyone's opinion if im wearing this thing right. I can only just get it on as well (Im a C2) and use it with the strap for a couple hours a day. i know it shouldnt be pulled at the base and to me it feels like its pulling in the middle. Is that okay and correct? have people seen results from how I am wearing this now? any advice or tips please let me know.


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                        Hi Cal84,

                        I just got my dtr yesterday and am finding it difficult to bunch up my shaft skin to fit under the bell cap. I’m using a Velcro knee brace to hold up one brace. I don’t know what the C numbers mean. It’s great reading this forum and the advice about manual tugging. I hope a more experienced restorer can let us both know if we are doing it right. I wonder how long it will take before there is enough skin to use the plate and push rod.


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                          Hopefully less than 6 months would be nice. Your probably a CI2 like me. Im going to start try and wearing to work and see how i go