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The TugBoat XT Tugger Restoration Device

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  • The TugBoat XT Tugger Restoration Device

    *Minimal Slip
    -No more annoying slipping, get that perfect tug the first try. No adhesives or sticky tricks required. High tension capable.

    *Comfortable Dual Spring Tension
    -Both inner and outer tension is with spring tension, never direct.

    *Dual Tension Indication
    -Indicates real-time tension of both inner and outer as you tug, up to 2.5 and 3.0 lbs respectively.

    *Inner Pre-Tension
    -Easy to use inner pre-tensioning system. Up to 2.5 lbs tension available, also includes soft spring with 1.25 lb max.

    *Superior Pusher Cone Design -Your glans will thank you!
    -Improved design places all inner tension where you want it- on the foreskin, not pushing directly on the glans. Quit beating up your head while wasting tension! No more red spots or glans damage!

    *Simple Operation

    *5 Sizes Available

    *Less Skin Required to Use
    *** Not confirmed but predicted ***
    -Less skin is needed to use this because the glans naturally sits into the device and more skin can be rolled onto the main housing cone, making it easier to grip with the outer ring. I was a CI-3 when I designed this, but I'm not sure what the minimum required is. Either way, doing some manual methods for awhile once you grow into it is the worst case scenario you'll face with too little skin.

    *NOT Designed for Overnight Tugging
    -No parts in this device are forgiving enough to compensate for nocturnal erections. Don't fall asleep with it on!

    The TugBoat XT Tugger was designed to be easy to use and have everything you could want in a dual tension tugger -without all the slip or the sore glans issues! It delivers anywhere from soft to serious tension on the inner and outer foreskin, promoting skin growth for male restoration, while being very comfortable to wear. Inner pre-tension is as simple as basically pushing a button, and attaching a strap is a breeze. US Veteran owned. Patent pending.

    How to use:

    1. Wash device and penis
    2. Insert glans into pusher cup
    3. Roll foreskin forward
    4. Fit the outer ring cone
    5. Set the inner pusher length and tension strength
    6. Attach the puller arm with a strap

    Demo Video

    ebay listing
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    Wait... so is this all hard plastic?
    Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

    Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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      Originally posted by gdom View Post
      Wait... so is this all hard plastic?
      Yes it is, and flexible outer cones could be possible in the future. It's plenty comfortable with the spring tension and smooth plastic grip surface as-is, though. What are your questions/concerns?


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        Did you design this? It's not entirely clear to me how it works. I'd love to buy one but it's really expensive and I already own like5 devices :S
        Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

        Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

        See my progress gallery


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          Yes I designed this. It works like a dual tension tugger in that you set the inner pusher tension and attach a strap, except setting inner length/tension is as easy as one click of the slider block and both inner and outer have real-time tension indication. The pusher cup is my favorite feature as it places no stress on the glans at all, the focus point is just below the head and the glans sits inside the cup. I own almost as many gadgets too and this one I designed is by far my favorite with how easy it is to use, how it doesn't slip, how much tension it can deliver, and the real time tension indication. In the three months I've been testing this design, I've made some nice gains from the increased tension, especially on the inner skin. I relaxed the price a bit


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            I like the idea that it is available in widths.

            I like that by selection of sturdy but tough materials it can be made very deep to give guys with limited starting slack a shot at using a tapeless approach.
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