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  • DTR/TLC-X question...

    Hey guys. I currently own both the TLC-X and DTR, and I know there are a ton of different ways to use both of them. My question is, are there particular advantages to each method of use?
    For example, why would one decide to go with using rubber bands for tension, rather than (for example) using fixed tension? Why use weights, rather than simply increase tension with the device itself?
    Fixed tension seems to be working fine for me, but I can't help but wonder, primarily about the use of rubber bands. Seems like it's adding a bit of complication to the process, so I'm assuming there must be something to be gained from that additional complication.

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    My favorite way to use the TLC-X is to fine-tune its total length (by Pusher selection or by incorporating TLC Selects spacers) such that my preferred pucker point on my skin tube is comfortably worn at the skinniest part of the device. That way I know that my targeted spot will never be stretched wider than necessary.

    I consider myself mostly restored but I'm about to test a new method for at least a couple months. I plan to wear my TLC-X to bed with weights as the tension source. I will clip a 4-foot cord to the device. The cord runs over a pulley attached to the headboard, and weights are clipped to the cord so they dangle just above the floor between the bed and the wall. This will provide very constant tension no matter what body posture I take. A shoulder strap by comparison can go slack if it was adjusted while I was flat on my back, but then I fall asleep and immediately curl up into a ball on my side.
    -Ron Low
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      Very interesting idea.