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How Far Should the Glans be Pushed Back?

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  • How Far Should the Glans be Pushed Back?

    So recently I've switched from using a traction rig to just using the internal traction of the TLC-X rod (fixed pusher displacement). Previously a used a strap. I have switched out the shorter rod for a longer one since all of the tension will now be dependent on it. The thing I am very concerned about is that the glans is pushed back quite far when using this method. I know about the 4-hour rule and it seems to be working fine, but how far back should the glans really be pushed for safety?

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    Be very careful with the amount of pressure on the pusher. I would check it hourly at first to make sure you aren't getting any tears or abrasions as the inner mucosa is very delicate. I've actually done this a couple of times and have had to take several weeks off to let it heal COMPLETELY before resuming. You probably will notice an area of edema on top of your glans when you remove the device. Don't be alarmed. This should go away in 15 minutes or so. If it doesn't, your using too much pressure.


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      The depth to which the pusher rod can be extended depends on how much slack you have in your developing skin tube. As always, do not ignore any pain or discomfort which is a sure sign of applying too much tension. This is a photo/diagram of where I was after 18 months showing a partially extended CAT IIQ: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...-progress-2006


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        I have exclusively used methods that push my glans inside my skin tube. I have never measured how far in it goes. As far as I can tell, that measurement is irrelevant to what we are doing. As WoodyHoody said, how deep it goes is dependent upon ho much skin you have, so it really doesn't matter.

        What we are doing, as far as I know, is applying tension to the skin. The tension triggers the growing of more skin. So the measurement that is important is how much tension do you need to apply for good skin growth. I would suggest that you should push the glans in far enough to apply the optimal tension for growing skin.



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          I’m not sure, but I think when I was little I had adhesions because there are tons of marks on my glans that probably happened when I started getting erections and the skin broke apart. One memory I have when I was very little was, I used to push my glans downward and I could make it disappear. I have noticed from restoring the last 3 months, I think I am starting to develop more adhesions. Would this be bad? In some ways I would think it would be positive because if the skin reattached to the glans, then it would cause more tension??