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  • DTR

    Hi guys,I have been using TLC Tugger for 7 months.I got some results,despite can't use regular.(some wrinkles on my penis when flaccid and my FEC rate is higher than I started tugging).dBut I would like to find faster method to restorate my foreskin.So,I decided to buy a new device.I am planning to buy DTR(dual tensions) but its price is 80 dollars and I am not also living USA.That's why it will be shipping cost for me.

    Briefly,I have found the new device similiar to DTR.But I can't decide should I but this.So,I am wondering your opinions about that device? this is the link which I am planning to buy it.Thanks in advance for your help...

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    Ahh, we ALL would like to find a faster way! THERE ISN'T ONE. Especially at the beginning. 7 months is nothing. This takes YEARS. This is a slow process no matter what you do. In regards to the device on ebay, looks uncomfortable. It's all hard plastic. I have both the TLC X and the DTR and am now at about a CI4. The DTR is designed for advanced restorers at a CI5 or more. At a CI4 I can get the DTR on, but it doesn't grip the skin where you want it to. You want to tension skin as close to the scar line as possible, not towards the base. For this very reason I am still using my TLC X and MANUAL #2 until I grow more skin. KOT!


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      Thanks for the reply parsecskin.Actually I am satisfied with my TLC Tugger.But I don't prefer to use strap with the device.That's why I had begun to search other alternatives.Do you think TLC X is a better alternative(for comfortable and development of restoration) than TLC Tugger?I will KOT forever


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        The X model definitely works the inner skin way better becuse of the pusher. With ANY device you need external tugging force (strap or weight or manual) to tension the outer skin so it will grow. Withe the selects spacer kit you can adjust the device body length to set your rollover point.