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  • Using DTR every other day

    I have been using the DTR every day, for roughly 5-7 hours. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with an every-other-day routine? Much like going to the gym, would taking a day off for rest be beneficial?

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    Originally posted by Agnimitra View Post
    I have been using the DTR every day, for roughly 5-7 hours. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with an every-other-day routine? Much like going to the gym, would taking a day off for rest be beneficial?
    Sounds good in theory, but if your skin recovers quickly, you might benefit from tugging every day... Something that you will ultimately have to find out for yourself. There are people who tugged 12 hours a day every single day, maybe taking one day a week off, and were done in 2 to 3 years. That is a short time frame for restoration. Others have taken over 10.


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      It could depend on the intensity of your routine.

      If your routine is so intense that you think you might be creating tears, rents and rips in the tissue, then that will need time to heal, so a rest day, or maybe even two rest days, would probably be necessary.

      If your routine is less intense and doesn't result in trauma or a feeling of extreme fatigue at the end of each application/set, or cumulatively at the end of the day, then I'd imagine it's best not to skip a day. You can heal during the night and take a day off if the cumulative stresses end up making you sore.

      I practised penis enlargement for quite a few years and a 1 day on 1 day off routine was only ever recommended for beginners. That routine was also much more intense than what we're doing here...

      ...once past the beginner stage the manual penis enlargement exercises would normally be performed 2 days on 1 day off, or sometimes 3 days on 1 day off. Again, these would be exercises focused on disrupting the tissues, so that new cells would need to be produced to fill the rents and tears created. That's not what we aim for here; we aim to trigger mitosis, which is a much milder process.

      The penis enlargement practitioners using traction devices, similar to what we're doing here, would typically take one day off a week, maybe two days off depending on the intensity of their practice, and the intensity would be measured more in terms of how long the devices were worn per day and at what strength (rather than being measured similar to "reps" in a gym workout, as the more intensive manual exercises would be.)

      What we're aiming to do here is trigger mitosis which creates new cells, which, over time, lengthens the skin. This shouldn't need the intensive practices that require a 2 on 1 off or 3 on 1 off schedule (again, those were routines aimed at creating rents and tears in the tissues that would then need time to heal and be filled in with new cells; not what we're doing here)...

      ...what we're doing here, probably, at most, might require one rest day per week, and you should be able to tell weather you need it, because the cumulative trauma (assuming you have an average/regular physiology) would manifest as a feeling of fatigue and/or soreness.

      I previously was using a pusher/plunger with a spring hard enough to cause me to need to detach every 30 to 40 minutes for a rest break. The cumulative stresses/trauma meant I'd be forced to take time off after a few days to let things heal...which was probably an indication that I was tearing up tissue rather than just stressing cells to trigger mitosis...

      ...I've since changed the spring and reduced the intensity and I'm able to wear the device for up to two and a half hours before needing to disconnect it due to cumulative stress...

      ..whether or not that's sufficient for growth/progress, or whether there's an optimal ratio for time and application of force, I don't know. Ron's suggested that a device that can't be worn for at least four hours without needing to be detached due to cumulative stress, is a device that's imparting too much force. I don't know what he's basing that on; whether it's his personal experience or if it's based on anecdotal evidence, or what it's based on...

      ...personally I'm going to monitor my results and see if I can find an optimal configuration for optimal growth.
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