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Best Setup for Inner Skin Growth?

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  • Best Setup for Inner Skin Growth?

    I use the TLC-X for bi-directional tension with a strap and also occasionally throw in some manual tugging. I find that I am gaining more outer skin than inner skin. Any tips on tweaking the device setup to produce better results for the inner skin?

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    I have been thinking of your question for about a week now. And how best to answer.

    There is a lot of info missing I feel such as what CI number you are currently at, as well as what your goal might be. And how much inner foreskin you might already have, or started with.

    Without knowing those things, I can only go with what I have experienced. At first I was not worried about inner or outer foreskin. I started with the original Tugger from Ron. When I grew enough skin I added the DTR. From there I added weights, and now Manual tugging. I have noticed a huge improvement in my inner skin growing and now I probably have twice or more inner skin than I started with.

    Concerning the Tugger and the DTR, the first step was getting enough skin to work with. That in it self took a lot of time as there was an extremely small amount of skin to work with. I learned after some time that skin and glans placement was key in stretching skin regardless of inner or outer.

    As I have nearly gotten to a CI 4 (from less than a CI 1) I have found that If you are aware of Glans placement before securing the tension rod in either the Tugger X or the DTR (they work similarly) you can concentrate on outer, inner or both types of skin at the same time.

    If your glans is deep inside the tube of skin that you are stretching, then when you are tugging you are also tugging inner skin. Typically that will be a more sensitive tugging feeling than when you are tugging in a more balanced way. (I am hoping I am making sense, as this is difficult to explain).

    I hope I have answered your question.

    My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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      Keep on growing outer skin. When you have enough that your inner skin is NOT trapped in the device at all aas well as your scarline, you can use the pusher only to tension inner skin and scar line. This will have the added benefit of spreading out and fading your scarline as well.