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Ultimate Method to get TLC-X to GRIP and STAY PUT

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  • Ultimate Method to get TLC-X to GRIP and STAY PUT

    Skip to the bottom for the method without backstory...

    I love the TLCX. It is the first and only restoring device I've used and plan to use for the entirety of my restoration journey (ci2-ci9) coupled with a some manual here and there.

    When researching I found that some people complained it slipped off too easy for their liking.

    Upon using it for some time, I too found that it slipped off a bit easier than Id like sometimes.

    Sometimes it would be all good, sometimes it would grip and be great until it was jostled around and other times immediately slip down the skin when applying tension.

    I tugged on and would just reapply if I could when I found it slipped too much, but this still meant a lot of time was spent with less than ideal tension, either unevenly slipped or completely slipped down lacking tension all over.

    Tried the rubber grommet trick; sliding a cut open grommet wedged between the your skin cone and where the metal bars expand for the collet to hold it down. I was happy with this for a bit but it was more cumbersome as there was now an added small piece to carry and hold and remove/reapply and two of them ended up falling off out of my shorts as I was walking around so I gave up on them.

    Anyway heres what I found..

    There are two types of your skin cones from TLC Tugger, the RC your skin cone that comes with the standard device, and the RCX your skin cone that comes with the TLCX.

    The RCX cone has a wider hole at the top top slide over the collet area of the TLCX, is wider as a whole, and a bit shorter than the RC cone.

    I've read that some people have tried applying the tlc x by inverting and flipping the cone down like how a dtr works. I tried this with the RCX cone but since there is nothing to brace against it was awkward and unreliable to flip it down as needed.

    One day after unsuccefully trying to apply the device to my liking for a bit I decided to see how the RC cone would work. I had initially bought the RC cone because I didnt know which would work better for retaining purposes, even though I dont retain at all really.

    Played around a bit and found a reliable method to get even application thats super gripy and hasnt slid on me one bit yet, it even allows to get more tension than id normally get because of how hard it grips without slipping.

    THE METHOD: put the RC skin cone on the tlc x device. This will require you to stretch it a bit as the hole is not intended to slide over the tlcx. Try not to stretch it more than you have to. With the top of the cone braced against where the metal bars bend outwards for the collet, fold up the bottom half of the cone. It should look a bit like a sombrero. Roll/pull your skin up the device as far and evenly as you can (be sure to use spacers if needed). It may be tricky at first as there is less room to work with and youll have to use some different angles as to not disturb and flip the cone back down or compeltely up. Once your skin is pulled up nicely, hold it with an OK gesture down towards the base with one hand as you evenly flip the sombrero back down with the other. And BOOM, the narrower/longer cone that has flipped down will provide far superior grip than youve ever experienced simply sliding the RCX cone down into place.

    Wonder if anyone has tried this before, I havent read it anywhere in my extensive searching. Hope this helps people! I really do reccomend it. It has made my tugging much more effective efficient and easy.

    TLDR: buy RC your skin cone, (NOT RCX), put it on TLCX, flip up bottom half like sombrero, pull skin up device, flip back down, narrower longer cone with smaller hole at top to brace against collet area will grip tight and secure

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    Hmmm sounds interesting. I use a cut rubber grommet on mine and it stays in place as long as I'm wearing it. It acts like a spacer below the collet holder and the retaining cone


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      I appreciate folks' tenacity to make things work for them. I stopped tinkering with the design when it worked for me.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago