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    Just seeking some advice on the use of the DTR with rubber band(s) for tension. I'm not sure what is the correct or best method to use, whether I should put it on then use the set screw to lock in a particular tension, and adjust that throughout the work day, or to not use the set screw and let it tug with no regulation on tension pressure, for me its more comfortable to use the set screw, but then I wonder if the locked in tension is enough to trigger or encourage growth?. Was wondering if there were any other uses of the DTR on here and what method works for you?

    Best Regards,

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    I've been using mine with the set-screw since February, and I've grown a sixteenth of an inch of skin. The set-screw works, but it won't automatically adjust for size changes--which isn't necessarily bad. Some of those changes actually increase tension, while others slack it off. On average, you'll get about the same tension throughout the day.


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      Good to hear you have made progress with the set screw, I'll not question that as a viable method going forward in my restoration/growth training heh. Thanks for the feedback.


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        I use the DTR exclusively, past 2 months. I've never used the screw method, not because it didn't work for me... I've just always used the bands. I use the 4" with two rubber bands for 8hrs+ and occasionally I'll do 30min-1hr of the 6" rod with a single band on the lower hole. I don't measure, but I've noticed some pretty big differences over the past two months (stretch+growth). Without going in to all my peculiar details... I'm a grower, and now on my day off (I take at least a day off during each week), I've always got about 3/4 glans coverage. I rarely had coverage at the beginning. I also use the hanging weights method (I detailed it a few moments ago on another post in this sub-thread) for at least 30min to an hour every night for a good outer stretch.

        I've loved using the DTR (not that I've used any other device). In the past two months it's become just a natural part of my daily routine. I don't struggle with it or really think about restoring. I have enough variety of methods (as above) to feel like I'm shaking things up a bit. Personally I don't measure. I know it'll be at least a 1-2 year project, so I just keep it in my daily routine and try to not think about gains from day to day.

        Good luck to you! I'd definitely encourage you to try other methods available to you, or work different periods of stretching into your routine. I'm impressed with how easy it is to switch to another method, or different tension, with the DTR.


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          Thanks for that DC, I love the DTR and maybe it's just me but I sometimes get some burning and numbness if I don't use a set screw to regulate the tension, but glad to hear that method works too. I've recently gotten more serious with my restoration dedication, before I would Yo-Yo between doing good for a month or two then taking 3 or more months off.... because I wasn't thinking I was seeing results fast enough and was worried maybe there was something about me that made restoration harder if not impossible.... I say thinking because looking back... I never noticed a lot of progress when I was actively stretching/restoring... I always noticed the extra wrinkles or looseness in the skin when I took breaks... it was like the skin was still growing even though I wasn't actively restoring... kinda spooked me out like it was a form of momentum... not perpetual mind you but definitely some kind of growth seemed to be happening on the resting or repairing phase. Anyways figured I'd share that in case any one else noticed that as well or if it's all in my head, since I'm not a great measuring person. I've now switched to a five day restoration period and taking the weekends off to allow for extra healing and hopefully growth time.


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            Actually, big thanks to you crw86. I had never thought of using the screw method until you mentioned it. I actually use it now over the rubber-bands. I did notice that the bands definitely stretch out over time (maybe very quickly?).

            I haven't measured them, but I wish I had a 5" rod. I think the basic kit rods are 4" and 6". The 6" is way too huge, and now I'm coming up to the end of the 4". It'll still be awhile before I'm beyond the 4"... I still get a really really strong stretch.

            Maybe this sub-thread isn't followed very well, but I did notice...

            The top shaft vein, nearest the glans seems to be getting harder/tougher as I use stronger DTR tension. It was plain sore awhile back, and with some time off it's fine now. I used a notched push plate because I have a (as I gather) a substantial frenulum remnant. Has anyone else notice soreness or thickening of skin/veins near where the push plate (when fully tensioned) meets the skin nearest the glans?

            Gains seem to be going very smoothly. In my week off, I was pretty shocked to even notice a little of the foreskin crud build up in the inner skin that's covered most of the time. Guess that's an indicator.

            Good luck to all!


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              I use the DTR. After experimenting with the included 4"and 6" rods I found myself ordering the 5" rod and that solved all my difficulties. The 5" rod with 2 rubber bands is the perfect amount of tension for me starting with a tight cut. The DTR still slips off here n there but I'm satisfied with the results and I've settled into the routine of restoring much easier. I also wear sports underwear which is tight enough to hold the device in place until I reach a bathroom if it slips off. It's been over a year since I started and the device comes off less often with increase of skin. I'll use the 6" rod for brief sessions of high tension, but the 5" rod is what I use all the time. Now restoring is very easy and I don't have to think about it all the time or put extensive frustrating effort and the results are really noticeable after the first 12 months or so.