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people who restore using the DTR - what works best for you?

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  • dc101

    I saw this post awhile ago and meant to reply sooner.

    I exclusively use the DTR. To apply, I use the push method (I think that's what it's called) for those with little starting skin. I push the plate/rod down deep, then work up the skin, I do a pinching motion to pull down some of the skin, then put the bell down onto the plate, and roll the skin forward. This has gotten easier over the past 1.5 months as I've stretched/grown more skin. Sometimes, because I have the skin to do it, I'll simply keep bell and plate together, and just push (I've got a fat pad) to force the head down and the skin will roll onto the bell. I use this very rarely, but it's possible. Not something I could do a month and a half ago.

    Regarding routine. For at least 8hrs+, and for at least 5-6 days a week, I use the 4" inch rod with two rubber bands. I used the same rubber bands for a month, and realized that they stretch out over time, and recently replaced them with new bands. Occasionally I'll use the 6" rod with a single band through the lower hole. That puts a good strain, but I only do that for about 30min to an hour.

    Most nights, I use hanging weights for 1-2hrs to work on a really strong outer stretch. I was cut high and tight, so erect I've got at least 2" of inner skin. I don't worry about inner/outer during my daily method, but I like using heavy weights for a solid outer stretch and the end of the day. I add a no holes gripper to the bell (I usually always use the hole'd gripper) and keep that touching the bell. I flip up the hole'd gripper (so it's bell, no holes, skin, then hole'd). I take the 6" rod, turn it upside down and insert it into the bell, clamping it down with the screws. I add stacks of 1/4in X 1-1/4in washers, with a weight of about 14-16oz. I weighed the washer stacks out into smaller sizes (2x 6oz, 1x 4oz, and 2x 2oz), I then wrapped them with teflon tape and then wrapped in electrical tape. I force the skin over the bell+no-hole'd gripper, with skin over the bell I flip down the hole'd outer gripper. Then I attach as much weights as will fit / comfortable, and on the end of the rod I screw in the pusher plate to keep the weights from falling off. Works great. I stand a lot at night. Walking/movement will eventually have the whole thing fall off, but if I stay still, then it'll stay in place without slippage.

    Regarding results. Each week I usually take a day off. Depends on my schedule. If I'm doing something and don't want the DTR, that becomes my day off. That said, I've used the DTR exclusively for almost 2 months. I'm a pretty big grower, with a smallish fat-pad. 2 months ago my glans were showing all the time. Now, my glans are 3/4 covered during my day off. I have a substantial frenulum remnant, and I'm pretty sure this is acting in some way to "pull" the skin over the glans, which actually pulls the glans towards the body. I show less now that I have more skin and more coverage.

    I don't measure, but I can see the growing results from flaccid coverage.

    I also (and somewhat controversially) use my own coconut oil mix (+essential oils, and now jojoba oil) every night. I never wear anything at night. I can say that my skin is very taught, a big difference in these past two months. When I have glans coverage, it's not a loose roll over, it's like a tight pull, the skin perfectly hugs the glans. I'm not at full rollover coverage (maybe 4 months at this rate?), but I'll be interested to see if it tightly gathers into a natural taper, or a normal loose restoration look. If there's anything that my moisturizer mix might be good for, it's tight skin. But that's pure speculation at this point, I don't have conclusive results from my gains.

    I applaud your use of the screws. I personally have never used the screws. I find the bands to work well, super simple for me and my routine.

    Good luck with your continued growth!

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  • people who restore using the DTR - what works best for you?

    I have the DTR and I want to hear from you, fellow restorers, what your routine is? how much tension do you use? how much do you put under the tugger? what's your technique to apply it?

    Also, if you've measured your progress, I would like to know how fast you are growing new skin.

    Thanks and best of luck.

    Personally, I use the screws, mainly because I can't bother replacing the rubber bands all the time, also, when using the rubber bands, the DTR moves sometimes and the motion can get me aroused and brings me unwanted attention to the area haha.
    I don't use so much tension that it is drum-tight. I believe less tension but for longer periods leads to better results and less damage. (I had braces when I was young and I try to mimic that amount of tension) and while I don't have those ear tunnels (sorry, no idea what those are called) I don't believe they put that much stress on the skin on the earlobe yet they stretch quite a lot. That's why I believe not as much tension is needed.