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Ways to relieve pressure from the DTR?

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  • Ways to relieve pressure from the DTR?

    I heard of people using a piece of toilet paper into a square and put on the pusher to relieve some of the pressure but for me that's only helped once and ever other time made it worse.

    I can wear it fine but sometimes when i take it off the tip has some swelling or slight discoloration that goes away in a minute or two. But when it does happen it scares me abit. Granted, it's not a constant thing but is till wanna prevent it from happening out of fear of nerve damage.

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    Honestly I'd reccomend switching devices. I found there was no way to stop the pain of the DTR.
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      Try coating the pusher with a very light coat of Aquaphor or vaseline. I do this with my TLC X and it works great. It's OK to have some slight edema on your glans at the contact point when you remove your device, as long as it goes away in a few minutes.