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DTR "push" vs. "pull"

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  • DTR "push" vs. "pull"

    Hello all,

    I've just been using the DTR for a week, but I get the impression that the "push" on the head (so stretching the 'under skin') is much more than the "pull" on the 'outer skin'. Does anyone else notice this? I want to focus on the growing the skin from the circ scar to the base more than the scar to the head, but it seems like it's doing the opposite.

    What've people's experiences been with this? And have you had to use other tugging to counteract?


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    At first, I went with the push-plate method by itself and it was a good start having just started restoring. However, I find that method only effects the skin right under the ridge of the head(corona) down to the skin that's being gripped by the bell. The problem is that the push-plate pushes the head into the crotch, in my case past the base. The skin from the base of the penis to the gripper doesn't get stretched and so when I take it off, the unstretched skin pulls the stretched skin back an makes the whole thing look like a rumpled mess. So after about 4 months of the push-plate method, I started rigging a leg strap to tug with the DTR without the push-plate, which worked pretty well for stretching the outer skin. Now, I do the inflation method, that way both the outside skin (from the base to the gripper) and the inside skin (from the gripper to the corona) get stretched out. I do this as sort of a "power stretch" to get some dramatic stretch going on. This method I do for an hour at a time, and for the rest of the day, I either do the leg strap or retain with an o-ring since inflating makes walking a tad awkward.

    TLDR: Push-plate is good to start, tugging is good to counteract, inflation is the best of both worlds and is super-effective, and use a retaining method as much as possible when not stretching