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DTR and glans question

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  • DTR and glans question

    Hi, just started using the DTR.

    Just have a question: Is pushing the glans right the way into the groin safe when using it as a bi directional device? I dont feel any pain or discomfort, it just doesn't look 'right' if that makes sense


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    Probably best to email the designer/manufacturer, for the broadest view. He'd know how many complaints he's had over the last 11 years or so. He's trying to sell them, of course, but I think he'd be honest, and have some tips (no pun intended) to give you.

    Having said that, keep it clean. I suppose you're asking because glans tissue is compressed by the push plate, as are the penile bodies et al, causing some inevitable slowing in blood flow....somewhere, maybe. But my concern would be opening the meatus (if it does this more than other devices) for periods of time; don't want to open the door to the wee beasties any more than I'd have to. I'm not convinced there is that much compromise in blood flow, as long as you don't put too much pressure on your glans et al. although that's just my opinion, not anything else.

    The other thing that interests me in all this, is the fact that with any device out there, you already pull on old inner tissue. I can't think of a device that doesn't do this, and I can think of one method that might do it better, ie the RTM method (not to mention basic manual). But they all pull at mucosa, from the sulcus, back. When you think about it, the plate idea is kind of the same idea as a scrotum ring, only on the other end . And it borrows a bit from the old idea of packing. You don't really need it, per se, but if you like the idea, and it makes you feel better, and if it gets someone to start tugging (and the convenience keeps ya going), then it's all a positive, from what I can see.