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  • Tlc-x or dtr

    I have been actively restoring for about two months now with a canister and manual the prior month. I would say I'm a c-3 but do have a reliable rollover in my smallest flaccid state. And have been using a canister I made from a pill bottle and has been working great. Started out c-2 c-1 area about three months ago and pleased with my progress. But getting tired on the taping aspect for two reasons majorly, summer is hot and sweat lets tape slip quickly and also is kind of a downer for "spontaneous" moments with the wife. And with a little one running around gotta get it when you can ha.

    i have been looking into making first purchase of a tape less device, and been seriously considering the tlc-x. I like the product because the springs make it a little more discrete than the long pusher and rubber bands of the dtr. and the ability to ad spacers. But the dtr seems to have good versatility as far as set up changes and inflation.

    im sure this question is asked often but I searched and couldn't find a thread for it but which one would you guys recommend? TLC-x or the DTR?

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    See: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...-tugger-vs-dtr

    I will echo some of what was said there:

    I stongly urge you to let Chuck who makes the excellent DTR know that you posted here in case he would like to comment.

    Some features of the TLC-X:
    - Soft silicone gripping surfaces for comfort.
    - Narrow tapered shape made possible by sturdy engineered metal components.
    - Available in 7 widths for a precise fit.
    - Device length can be varied (with TLC Selects) to keep up with your increasing slack (so you can keep a constant part of your skin tube falling at the skinniest part of the tugger, for the tightest possible puckered outcome.
    - Straps, weights, springs, rubber bands, fixed pusher displacement, and air (with added parts) tension mode options that can also be combined various ways.
    - Full-year warranty, 3-months no-questions-asked refund option, and telephone, email, and user forum support.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      In order to use a DTR properly and comfortably, you really need to be at least a CI 4. Any less and it just doesn't fit right. I suggest a TLC X. If at first you don't have enough skin you can remove the pusher and use it as a regular tugger until you do have enough skin.


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        Thanks for the answers. I like the fact that the tlc-x can be used as just a regular tugger if I'm not ready for dual tension also like the fact of being able to tug with a strap as I am using the dual tension. I appreciate the input and I was already leaning towards the tlc-x and you guys made it more clear. Maybe in the later future I'll get the dtr to use in tandem with the tlc-x to keep things changed up and rotate.

        Thanks for for that link Ron, I searched the boards but nothing came up. I figured that convo had to have come up before.