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  • Tlc-x spacers

    I got my tlc-x yesterday in the mail Yesterday, thank you Ron for speedy shipping! I ordered the kit with 21mm spacers and strap as well, and I'm wondering if there is a way to measure which size spacer you would need to add for where your at in your progress or go by feel and how much skin you can get over the tugger body to get a secure hold under the retaining cone?

    also wanted to add this is my first strap less device and it seems very nice and having a lot of fun trying out all the different functions of it and trying new methods of strapping. Seems very versatile.

    Very excited to take a break from canister taping, likely won't have to use it again, and easily remove my device if need be for wether it be comfort or spontaneous moments.

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    You'll know when you need to add spacers when you apply the device and it is real easy to get your skin up to and touching the flare on the wire bail. When that happens, add 3mm.


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      Ok, that's what I was thinking, now I've noticed a big game changer is if I apply the device sitting instead of standing seems I need 3 mm spacer. But if I'm standing I can get device on but doesn't stay for more than two hours, and bending over with it on makes it pop off most the time. Looks like work wearing will be out of question at least for a while, I have a very physically demanding job.