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DTR notched push plate help?

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  • DTR notched push plate help?

    Hey FR dudes, I use TLC-X, DTR set screw, DTR air, and some manual in my routine. Lately I've favored DTR set screw. I've just graduated to tugging at work. When I got the DTR I didn't know to get a notched plate vs standard, as I have a frenulum in tact. Lately with my new longer duration tugs, I'm getting sore at the frenulum and occasionally it's a bit puffy. Does the notched pusher plate alleviate that? I don't have soreness elsewhere. Anyone else experienced that? Does the notched version make it more common for slippage when wearing DTR? Is a 4 hr limit good for taking breaks? That is where I tap out.


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    I had the regular plate on my dtr and it cause the same pain/problem. All it took was 5 minutes with a dremel tool and I made my own notch. Works great now with no pinching


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      I also had the same problem with the regular plate. I ordered a notch push plate and it fixed the problem. I clean everything once a day to remove oils and it almost never slips on me. I think the 4 hour rule is a fine. Others even suggest adding a little more tension for a 1 hour on, then a rest, then back on, to mimic a cyclic pattern. I do it both ways depending on my mood.


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        Cool. Thanks for the feedback. This forum is helpful to learn others go through what I do. The journey is a winding path. Trying to stay committed. Gotta rest my frenulum until that notched gizmo arrives.


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          News from tugger: the notched plate arrived and is MUCH more comfortable. If you have a frenulum or partial, I recommend it. Shoulda read the fine print. I'm back at tugging again.