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Anyone Strictly DTR restoring? Yes No. I am too busy

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  • Anyone Strictly DTR restoring? Yes No. I am too busy

    With the work that I do, I have been too busy to do 1 hr of manual per day. I do use the TLC with the elastic strap through the night, but with the amount of movement this would come off during the day time at work.

    I was looking at getting the DTR. Would this take place of manual tugging? And would the DTR stay on throughout the day with constant movement?


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    I think your sleeping tugging time is enough....


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      I wear my tlc throughout my work day. I have a very phisical and fast paced job and it has never come off. Pinched a couple times but easily adjusted. I tried the dtr at work and found it a bit painful for long periods. I now use it on my days off for short stretches. Hope my experience helps


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        I use my DTR with the smallest rod I can and the set screw for tension. In this configuration it is quite compact and works great during the work day. You can set fairly high tension and it won't change unless your skin slips, and that only seems to happen for me if my skin is oily at the time. I try to do manual when I can, but it's not a large part of my routine by any means, and I've still seen decent results.