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Whatever Happened To The Press Room, & Minuteman?

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  • Whatever Happened To The Press Room, & Minuteman?

    I"ve been surfing the Way Back Machine index of posts from the old board, and there are very many from Minuteman, on the Press Room forum.

    Seems like I remember Ron also mentioning Minute Man's posts in some of the discussion we've had about the old board.

    I did a search of the new board for Press Room, and didn't find anything.

    Minuteman, if you are out there, we need you here on the new board, to carry on what you were doing on the old board!

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    For those of you who want to sample what was on the Pressroom, mostly by Minuteman, but also with threads initiated by Ron and other board members, from 2014 back to 2009, Pages 28-29 of the 47 pages of the WayBack Machine listings, are a good starting point, with almost all of the 100 links on those two pages being to threads on the Press Room.

    Here is the link to Page 28:


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      And, here is a link to the Press Room posts on Page 29 of the Way Back Machine's list, these going back to 2009:


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        See the forum called Press Room Discussion.


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          Thanks for the reply, benc. I'll click on the link.