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PUD GP 12 ounce for sale

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  • PUD GP 12 ounce for sale


    12 ounce gp model. PM me and we can work something out. Asking 80 dollars.

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    How does this device work? I'd be interested in buying it.


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      Originally posted by West17 View Post
      How does this device work? I'd be interested in buying it.
      Ok, since I don't feel like using a third party site, we will have to work something out like, send me a check and I will mail it out type deal. I don't really expect an issue, if you are uncomfortable with that, I can probably send the device first, and upon receiving it, send me a check. But either way... maybe mail them out at the same time... I would never steal from anyone here, just not sure how to use ebay or a third party site to be honest, and I don't feel like learning. I trust that people here are honest...

      It works by inserting the head into the device, and folding whatever amount of "slack skin" over the device. Then while holding the skin there with one hand, you wrap about 3/16 to a quarter inch of skin with tape to the device. I find 3/16 to a quarter to work way better than 1/2 inch or more as the end skin seems to be alot more stretchy.

      It isn't really tugging, it is hanging, and goes back to when pagan Rome decided to start slaughtering Jews and uncircumcising them for sport.

      They are pricy devices, around a buck eighty to 200 for one new. They work better than any other device I have tried, and probably better than manual tugging as well. Being able to grab that little end bit of skin is unique to this device. I upgraded because I am limited on how long I can tug... Can't tug at work, figure I will hang with more weight then. Took me over 2 years to develop an excellent routine... One where I can actually see results every single week. I hang for 3 to 4 hours... Started jogging to increase my circulation, and also started taking folic acid, vit d, raspberry leaf, and recently tongkat ali.... I had chronic epididimytis and it is under control thanks to my supplements. But I haven't heard many others deal with half of what I have been through with foreskin restoration.

      There was a guy using a PUD that weighed 22 ounces without any issues at all. It was custom made by the manufacturer, who is by the way some old dude. If something happened to him, this device would most likely be considered rare and would not be available for purchase ever again.

      Like I said, it is a superior device... Most people are done in 2 years who use it... Unfortunately it took me almost 2 years to find it, and with my issues, a good year of aggravation and inability to consistently tug, with circulation issues and all, no results to show for. The rate of progress I am seeing now is tremendous, you can see my pics on some of my posts... I wouldn't lie to sell a device, this device is EFFECTIVE. It does not pinch, or cause circulation issues in normal people.


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        do you still have the PUD for sale?


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          **EDIT: SALE IS OVER**
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