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  • Potential T-Tape Service . . .

    I've discovered that different techniques of restoring are definitely making a difference for me! I have started a regimen of penis pumping, jelqing, stretching with a DTR and recently just added T-Taping again. I am noticing a huge difference, adding the T-Tape.

    Therefore, I am putting feelers out there for T-Tape orders . . . We used to be able to order T-Tapes via the Interwebs, but those days seem to be long gone, unless my Google-bot is not working properly, I am thinking of starting this service again.

    All I would need is flaccid circumference around your circumcision scar + 2cm. Please measure in centimeters - it is much more accurate imho. A photo with a metric ruler will help so I can get the T-Tapes accurate.

    For example, I measure mine at 12cm flaccid, and I make them at 14cm, with tails that overlap where the T-Tape meets.

    Please reply via private message if you're interested in an order. I am thinking $30 for an every-other-day months supply. So, $2/per tape for an every other day supply.

    Looking forward to this potential service. Keep on tuggin'!

    Mr. Big Cat

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    What an awesome idea, especially for new restorers!