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    I have reluctantly decided to discontinue running the business of selling foreskin restoration kits at My duties as Director of NOCIRC of Michigan require me to refocus my efforts on preventing infant circumcisions. However, interest in buying the low-cost Restore Yourself kit and related supplies continues, so I would like to transfer the online business to someone interested in running it. I would love to see the business continue to help men restore in a simple and affordable way.

    I have sold the Restore Yourself kit online for 17 years at Since 1999, I built and sold over 1300 kits and shipped them to 28 countries around the world. The kit uses the T-Tape method of foreskin restoration, which at the time was the most popular method. It remains a simple, affordable ($30), and practical choice for foreskin restoration.

    If you are interested in buying my remaining inventory, tools, annual web hosting subscription, and domain registration, I will transfer the business to you. Your upfront cost will be $350. This will include access to the entire website, shopping cart, resource files, and printed materials. I will help you get started.

    The business has always covered its expenses, but the kit was never intended to make a net profit. I sold two to three kits a week with no advertising and no marketing efforts. Each kit is created and assembled by hand. You must plan on working two hours a week at a minimum once you learn the business. Additional time may be required to make improvements to the printed guide that comes with the kit.

    You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly helping men around the world with their restoration and also have a little online business that you can grow.

    Thank you for your interest.
    Norm Cohen

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    The website is down.