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foreGestalt - A new tapeless, skin-like foreskin restoration device | foreGestalt is all required to restore your foreskin effectively

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  • foreGestalt - A new tapeless, skin-like foreskin restoration device | foreGestalt is all required to restore your foreskin effectively

    Hi everyone!

    If you or any of your friends are looking for an new tapeless device to reverse circumcision, then check out the debut of the foreGestalt companion in the #foreGestalt #Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign @

    foreGestalt is an innovative skin expansion device taking foreskin restoration to a whole new level. foreGestalt is not only super soft and comfortable to wear, but very effective in restoring your foreskin as fast as nature allows. It will not slip off when taking a shower, features an urinary passage and can be worn overnight (may not be recommended, but possible). foreGestalt stays seated equally well both on a flaccid and an erect penis. Furthermore, there is nothing to assemble: just put it on, attach it to the tensioning strap and you are set.

    Keep restoring your foreskin on your New Year's resolution list. The one sure thing that will make you happy in 2020.

    It's your life, it's your forechoice!

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    I hope this succeeds
    View My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...ooded-progress


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      Hi guys! A brief information update.

      Have a look at our Resources page for introductory information on device dimensions and on how to use a foreGestalt companion (including a video). There is more to come. If you ever considered to get one of these nifty devices, think about supporting our crowdfunding campaign. And if you subscribe to our newsletter on theforeGestalt homepage, you will enjoy an extra discount on an 'insiders only' perk. The campaign will end on February 11th 2020.

      Your foreGestalt team


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        Hello everybody!

        To all newcomers and still undecided foreskin restoration enthusiasts: Our #foreGestalt #Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign @ is slowly coming to an end. It runs for only 14 more days. Of course, your support will be greatly appreciated. But you will also profit twice. Not only will you be among the first to receive the super-comfortable foreGestalt foreskin restoration device, but you will also benefit from our introductory 30% discount.

        Production has already started. We are confident that the first foreGestalt companion kits will ship out by the end of February.

        Your foreGestalt team |


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          I might get one of these one day. I have a CAT II Q right now.


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            One campaign week left to get your foreGestalt foreskin restoration companion at the lowest introductory price ever

            Just 7 days left on our Indiegogo campaign @ Claim your foreGestalt foreskin restoration companion at the unbeatable 'Early Adopter' price that's too good to miss! It will very likely not show up ever again. In addition, you will receive two free intactivist perks and free shipping worldwide. So hurry! By backing our campaign, you will be one of the first to get your foreGestalt companion as early as March.


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              Grand opening of the foreGestalt online store!

              We are happy to announce the opening of our foreGestalt online store. We also updated our resources page to give you a better idea of how the foreGestalt companion works. Have a look to decide whether this alternative device design might be right for you. If so, get ready to not miss our advantageous introductory Early Adopter offer. Production just started. Order now and your device will be shipped within 1-2 weeks at the latest. We will do our best to get your orders fulfilled as early as possible. Devices will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis.


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                Celebrate the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy 2020 with a 7% discount

                foreGestalt celebrates the upcoming Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy on May 7th and the 8th Anniversary of the Cologne Ruling with a 7% discount and free worldwide shipping. Use MAY7 as the promotional code during checkout. The campaign ends on May 8th 2020.


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                  This didn't even generate $1 of support on igg, and the marketing is brutal... what's happening with this?
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