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  • Makemeuncut89
    I’m new to this, but have created a DIY tugger, that I been using 6 hours every other day since July. How much is your product and can i wear it for sustained >6hrs or more daily. MY circumcision index is C2.

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  • Reality
    Lol, one commercial company invading another commercial company's website. No nobility involved in it, but it's standard strategy when a dollah is involved (on both sides).

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  • Presenting a new Company - www(dot)foreskinned(dot)com

    I would like to introduce my company and I hope that we will have a good dialogue. My company is established in Sweden and we are a few engineers who have developed products that are safe, efficient, and comfortable to wear. We have a long-term vision of being a positive part of this community.

    Over the next two weeks, we will launch our products by showing them in this forum. The store will be officially open by the last of August. You will be involved in choosing colors and get priority to the store before it opens to the public.

    Standard - Medical Grade ISO 10993 by USP.

    Our products are medically classified, which means that the materials are approved for prolonged contact with human skin. It is the United States Pharmacopeia agency that ensures and approves materials used in the healthcare industry.

    USP - Class I

    We have selected an American/English supplier and the factory is located within the UK. The company is listed on the U.S. Stock Exchange (S&P 600).

    Basic problems found on today's products as well as our solutions...

    Gripper – Slips off.

    Silicone has a low friction ratio compared to our comparator material. We are testing a different type of gripper and the advantage of the other material is that it has a significantly higher friction ratio. This means that the product does not slip off your skin. But we are then faced with a new problem. The second material is not able to cope with skin creams and oils well, without the material losing its integrity over time. Silicone has high material integrity which means that it ages well.

    What do you choose?

    Material X: A gripper that holds firm to the skin - but wears out over time (3-12 months) if you use oils. If you have clean skin and do not use any oils the gripper will not lose it integrity.

    Silicone: A gripper that holds the skin reasonably well – but that never needs to be replaced.

    We have a different design on our silicone gripper, and they are specifically designed to grip as well as possible around the frame and skin.

    We will let you decide on this matter…

    Crusher of glans (Product 1 - our DTR)

    We have created a soft pillow. Your glans will not be “crushed” by the device. The problem is gone.

    Screws fall off (Product 1 - our DTR)

    We have a new type of mechanical locking between the frame, rod, and the lock. You lock the product without screws, so now nothing can fall off the product.

    Retainer (Product 2 - our Retainer)

    Most retainers on the market are either O-rings or completely round. The problem with O-ring is that you cannot sleep with it due to safety. The problem with retainers, on the market, is that they are not shaped like the anatomy of a penis. We have followed the exact measurement, as accurate as possible, of the glans. All men have a longer head (on the upper side) than on the underside.

    Simply put, we have developed a retainer that is fantastic. It will fit perfectly on, even if you get a hard-on… Given that you have enough loose skin for it to allow. That is just mind-blowing! I am a CI2.5 and I can sleep with my retainer. The first few nights are difficult due to the new feeling. I kept taking it off while sleeping. It fell off a few times, the design of the product is like that. If you move much and sleeps unrestful the device will slip of. When you use it on the day, then it will be in the right place all day long.

    The absolute best comes now: Our retainer "teaches" your foreskin how it should be on the glans. The result is that my skin unfolds over the glans by itself to an increasing degree. Our retainer has a 7.5%-degree forward tilt downwards. The purpose is for the skin to lie downwards so that it mimics an uncircumcised man's penis, and nobody can tell the difference between a natural foreskin and a foreskinned (restored) man.

    Click image for larger version

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    Air (Product 4 - our Air)

    The current Air products, on the market, appear to have one of the following defects: Air leaks out, grippers do not hold, grippers hold on too tightly or the product is not available on the market. We have succeeded in developing an Air that is airtight and that does not grip too tightly around the frame. You can fill up the device with extremely high pressure. I use the product daily and can say that it works fantastically. However, be careful with the pressure... Don't push in so much that it's starting to hurt really bad. I've tested it and it wasn't very nice. (Believe me!).

    Weight (Product 5 - our weight-oriented product)

    There are several different solutions to weights. We have found an elegant solution where you can easily adjust how much weight you want on the product. The product consists of stainless steel, so now worrying about magnetic tension.

    In conclusion,

    We currently have 5 products and they will be presented one at a time. We will start with product 2 later today.

    Color selection

    Vote for which color you think is best! We have three different options. If you would like to see another, just write down the color and link it to a sample. If someone finds a different color and that color wins the contest, the person will get a free product of his choosing with a personal letter from me.

    Dialogue – Suggestions for improvement and wishes.

    I have created these products based on my own need for safe, efficient, and comfortable devices to wear. We have put in considerable time on the design. But we are here to listen and are open to your creativity if you have any improvements to share. Write about opinions, ideas, suggestions, and thoughts here. Alternatively, send them to the company on the following email:

    [email protected]


    Sign up on the email list and we will let you know when the store is open. Spread the link to your friends and our other partners.


    We do not see you as a consumer. We see you as partners on the journey towards restoring your foreskin. I am in the same boat as you are in and I have, literally, my skin in the game alongside you. We are grateful to have the opportunity to create these devices and believe that you will be amazingly satisfied with these products.

    Stopping circumcision

    We see ourselves as part of the intact movement and will over the next few months/years become part of the global movement toward stopping circumcision. Circumcision of children must stop, and we want to become a part of that movement in the same way that we become part of your restoring process. This of course presupposes that you are interested in our products... and let's say. We have every confidence that you will be.

    Sincerely yours

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