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  • drj
    This is the fascinating part of this topic. Guys have been successful doing it many ways - the real question is which is best for the majority. There is no research on foreskin growth rates via the different methods, only anecdotal/testimonial and even then it is one person wearing a device or tugging for a short time and the other wearing it more than 12 hours a day.

    All the research on skin growth rates has been done with implants that are inflated and held in place 24-7. They also produce very fast results - months vs years. Would love to see a side by side study based on time restoring.
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  • greg_b
    In terms of growing skin, I do not think anyone can say definitively. There are too may uncontrolled variables, and a lack of standards that can be used to compare. Guys have successfully restored doing either, and everything in between. But not all guys have been successful with any one regimen, so it seems you have to experiment and sort out what works best for you, as an individual.

    From my own experience, I started with as close to 24/7/365 as I could, and had good growth, but at times also poor growth.

    Then I hit on the idea of being very careful about the amount of tension, keeping it consistent, and found that I always had good progress with 4-6 hours, 4 days a week.

    I then found that 20 minutes, twice a day, 5 days a week, gave me good progress.

    currently, I have had to tweak that last regimen in order to keep having good progress, so now I do about 1 hour, once a day, followed by retaining for an hour or so. BUt I do not do this as consistently as I once had, so I may do it every day for a week, then only a day or so, as life gets in the way a bit.

    I have observed that as the times under tension get longer, my skin reacts by swelling and getting slightly red. So, for example, 4-6 hours, and I slowly get a bit more swelling and redness each day , but after a couple days break, it mostly gets back to normal. whereas, doing only an hour or less, I see no redness and swelling, other than the half a minute or so immediately after tugging. So the time length does appear to put my skin under more cumulative stress with times over on hour.

    Getting more specific to your question, I would expect that the longer you try and hold tension, the harder that will be to keep the tension precise, when doing manual, just due to arm/hand fatigue, so that could be a consideration. If I were you, I would try a few different regimens, and see which works best for you, and which will be easy for you to keep doing on a daily basis. the easier it is for you to do on a daily basis, as long as you are getting reasonable progress, is the one I would tend to gravitate toward.

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  • forescore
    When I did manual tugging only (CI-0 to CI-5) I did a long session before getting out of bed, on every bathroom visit from 2 to 5 minutes - longer if I wouldn't be missed. Then at night I would tug myself to sleep. It worked for me. As you can see by my avatar, I'm now a CI-9.

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  • Updates - Few long sessions or many short sessions?

    Hello. Check out my previous posts to get an idea of where I'm at

    I'm reletively young (22) I don't feel like it but apparently I am. And apparently me restoring at this age is early. So I hope I'll get some visual progress by fall at most.

    My mother (Black) fell for the lie that the procedure was "Hygenic" and I can only really blame white people and "White power structures" (Sounding like a conspiracy theorist), considering she cites shit from those types of people when I ask her about it a. My dad (Black) was cut as well but apparently his was worse than mine (Pre-1985).

    My mom doesn't like the fact I have decided not to cut any future son of mine on the grounds that I won't know how to clean him or teach him to clean, as I am cut. Strangly my dad knows more about foreskin than me despite it literally being an alien concept to him and possibly him not caring about his cut as much as I care about mine. So he talks to me, my younger brother, and used to talk to me late older brother daily like we've ever had to pull it back to clean when we don't have that.

    Anyway, I started manual methods 2.5 months ago, I feel like (Not 100% sure) my remaining shaft skin has become more flexible than it was before I started. According to the other dudes I'm roughly CI-3, but I am able to yank my shaft well over my head when I force it with my fingers when flaccid, and when erect I can pull it either up to or past the head when forcing it. But I may be incorrect or describing this incorrectly. Like most of you here I was circumcised.

    But yeah, I am noticing some improvements. When I begin tugging the head of my penis feels like it's changing itself, it's beginning to feel more cold as well. Occasionally when i sit, the shaft skin is slighly past the corona and will remain for ~under a minute or until i stand up. Feels cold when it lets go. I try to moisturize it with coconut oil and cocoa butter formula lotion, vasaline, whatever is available at that moment. I am noticing the residue is sticking and staying under my sulcus (?). I am also noticing small yellow/green (?) specs whenever I tug, but they only show up when I begin tugging. Is that smegma? It's not that hard to remove.

    I dedicated myself to four 15 minute sessions a day. Flaccid.I believe I am doing manual methods 3 and/or 4 due to my slack skin. I occasionally give a few minutes. Never take, only give. 15 minumum. Since mid April i have been trying to upgrade to 20 minutes, I also have decided to try and do multiple sessions in one. Say, a few days in the past weeks I had to make up for my missed sessions (9 hour noon shift) and tugged for about an hour and 20 min all at once.

    During my session, I attempt to play 1-hand games on my phone if I am bored or study while scrolling with one hand.

    Due to my work and school schedules, I have packed multiple sessions in one more frequently. Just yesterday I only had time for a 15 minute before work, and when I came back I did an hour before bed.

    Is it better for me to do multiple short sessions or a few longer sessions. Say I spend an hour total, would it be more efficient to tug for 1 hour straight or 4 times for 15 minutes? Would it be better to tug 12 times for 5 minutes? etc?
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