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Sensation timeline during and after restoration - what to expect?

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  • Sensation timeline during and after restoration - what to expect?

    Hi guys,

    Recently had my first-ever blow job. I have been restoring consistently for a few years now, and am experiencing occasional partial coverage, especially of my coronal ridge. Still no permanent rollover yet though. But I have seen some dekaritinization of my inner skin and glans as well as some new subtle sensitivity around there.

    The thing is: I felt almost nothing during the blow job. Some tickles and nice warm feelings, but nothing even nearly as mind-blowing as some guys claim it to be. I was very surprised and disappointed. Do I need to achieve more coverage, or have others experienced the same thing? I'm not sure what to make of this. Please advise!

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    Firstly, it took years for my glans and inner skin to become sensitized again
    secondly, maybe the person giving you head doesnt know how to do it.


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      CI5 and in your experience, is that after having full coverage for a few years, or only partial temporary coverage?


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        As the blow-ee, you get to help the blow-er by communicating what's good and not. The biggest mistake is to pretend the mouth is "just" a stand-in for a vagina or other orifice. That mouth has moving parts.

        And don't go looking for your most delicious sensations until the excitement of the encounter has your body in its most aroused state. Evolution gives us penises that can be ignored - so we can attend to the business of surviving - until thorough arousal is present.
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          If glans sensitivity is what you want, more constant coverage is what will do it. Try using some sort of retaining device when you're not restoring. The glans and inner foreskin will dekeratinize more - but it helps to prevent them from drying out, as moisture will help slough off the dead skin cells. You may even get some smegma - just rinse a bit before the next BJ, unless your partner likes it that way.


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            Well, it isn't an on-off switch. As we grow more skin, a bunch of things are going on. The more the glans and inner skin remain covered/protected, the more dekeratinization that occurs. The longer the skin (up to a point) the more it can move, the more potential sensations we can get. The more time that passes (up to a point) the more our nerves can grow and relay sensations to our brain. the more time that passes, and the more we use this new skin, the better our brain becomes (up to a point) at interpreting and integrating the new sensations into our sexual feelings. And, the more we explore and make use of the new skin, the better we become at finding new ways to use our new equipment to elicit good responses.

            I can give you my experience. After a few months restoring, I was enjoying intercourse, but nothing was really standing out as new. But one time my wife had to comment because things felt so much better to her, even that little bit of looser skin made a huge difference for her.

            As I grew more skin, it was very interesting. Some things felt better, some just more of the same. In fact, sometimes the looser skin made things feel less good, presumably because I had learned that drum tight skin was a good feeling. But I also experimented with different ways to stimulate myself, and there were some that surprised me, movements that seemed like they would not do anything, but after a few moments, "Wow that feels good!"

            A lot of this new good feeling stuff was more incrementally better, not mind blowing. And a lot of it just slowly got better and better, and so as the years went by I would realize, "Wow, I am reaching orgasms so much easier, now it is like falling off a log!" Or, "Wow, I now can enjoy so many levels of arousal and want to tarry at them for a long time, not a race to the finish like it used to be!"

            After I had enough skin to easily, without tension, cover my glans fully, I had my first whole body orgasm, and was like, "Whoa, what just happened?" Mind you, it was my first time, so partly I was distracted by what just happened, partly I was not used to it, my mind/body was not yet fully on board with it, so it was sort of mind blowing, but not as much as you might think. Now I can't say whether this was due to the length of skin exactly, or the length of time for my body and mind to get its act together, but whatever it was, over the next month of so these whole body orgasms bloomed into full flower and became truly mind blowing.

            Hopefully this gives you some insight into what you experienced with your blow job, and what to expect.


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              I had a slightly different path. My new increased sensitivity came on like I flipped a sexual light switch. For four years prior to covering my glans I had been cultivating multiple orgasms guided by a master Taoist ☯️ Mantak Chia. Then sometime around February of 2022 I began covering my glans 24/7. Two weeks later dekeratinization had pretty much completed and my sexual sensitivity immediately was night and day different. Nowadays, not only am I multi-orgasmic, the orgasms come in waves and I can remain in orgasmic heaven for as long as I have time for. This takes a lot of time to cultivate these feelings as others have said. I have purposely cultivated them and now I can produce them by my mind directing energy (chi) around my body, and muscle control. No need to touch the equipment. But involving the equipment can be done as well. This was my experience loosely documented in my progress gallery.
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                Thank you men! Super helpful learning your experiences and suggestions. Sounds like my brain-body relay system still has a fair share of ongoing repair to do.
                So thankful for a place like this to share experiences.


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                  I really liked what greg_b and forescore had to say. I wanted to add that in case you still have any remnant of your frenulum as I do, when self pleasuring, I have many times experimented with using just the top portion of my index finger to gently rub ONLY my frenulum remnant without touching any other part of my erection resulting in orgasm and glorious ejaculation. Thinking this could be experimented with on your own.


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                    There are so MANY sensation changes from first few weeks to still happening years later. Not really a road map thing, or even many landmarks

                    Oral is a tricky one to answer. Experimenting and communicate are the biggest parts of it feeling great.
                    The biggest sensations i got early on were just Warm, Pressure, and Moist. I still have problems with glans quickly drying and sensation fading away

                    Instead of just mouth, try it as more of a Handjob+Oral You'll probably still need enough sensation that it's not comfortable for them to keep doing for long. Maybe have them try lips rolled over teeth squeezing, maybe harder tongue pressures, maybe grinding against roof of mouth or cheeks, maybe some teeth. Also a lot more suction. Mix it up with handjob, ball play, perenium or anal pressure...

                    Eventually you'll / they'll unlock some sensations of "oh my god, i have no idea what you're doing with my penis but DON'T STOP!!!" It's amazing and confusing when your skin can do things your brain hasn't yet remapped what you're now able to feel.

                    For now you might think of Oral as more of a foreplay thing for you than a finishing move. Relax, enjoy the journey, and be sure to return the favors!
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                      I do actually have a lot of frenulum tissue still, but it also seems oddly insensitive still (and it has become almost constantly covered in the inner skin folds that have been restored). Did you do anything to sensitize your frenulum area or did it happen eventually on it's own?

                      I'm keeping on keeping on, looking forward to my mind-body remapping to start becoming more noticeable. But I wish there was a way to tell my system to "speed the f* up"!