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Inability to feel physical pleasure in penis – will restoring help?

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  • Inability to feel physical pleasure in penis – will restoring help?

    My question- has anyone experienced going from little to no penile sensation/inability to feel physical pleasure (during sexual activity) to actually regaining a considerable amount of sensation from restoring (or partially restoring)? Especially curious about people who have had all of the most highly enervated parts of their penis removed due to circumcision (rigid band and frenulum).

    Some background info-
    My partner has lived most of his life unable to feel any sensation in his penis besides irritation and numbness: he had no pleasurable sensation during oral and/or regular sex, and prior to taking steps to regain some sensation, he said he couldn’t even feel when he was inside someone. Up until recently, he’s been in a state of denial/avoidance about it, and had convinced himself that men aren’t actually supposed to feel good during sex.

    He’s been severely depressed ever since he decided to research the problem – he found out that his lack of sensation was due to the fact that he was circumcised at birth. I don’t know 100% of the details about his circumcision, besides the fact that it was tight and thorough (removal of foreskin, rigid band and frenulum). He tried manual tugging for 6 months before giving up because he didn’t feel that he was making any progress, and has also started wearing a penis sock/man hood as an alternative way of protecting the skin that’s supposed to be covered by the foreskin. Months of wearing the extra protection led to a tiny increase in sensitivity/pleasure, but not anything remarkable.

    He’s completely convinced that restoration will not help him regain a significant amount of sensation, and that he’ll never experience “real” physical pleasure during sex. He’s too set in his beliefs at this point to even ask about other people’s experiences, so I’m asking for his sake.

    Sorry for the huge chunk of text.
    I would SO appreciate any and all responses!

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    No one can say for sure. There are many variables. But based on my experience, and that of the members of this and other forums, I would say there is a high likelihood that his feelings and pleasure will increase dramatically. Not to mention you will have a much improved experience.

    One thing to keep in mind is the real prize for me, and many others, is not the increased sensitivity. Instead, it is the mobile skin. That skin movement gave me whole body orgasms and now sex is a whole different experience.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that medications can affect sexual desire and feelings.

    Best Wishes


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      I agree with greg_b. I restored for the appearance but was amazed by the increase in sensitivity which resulted.

      Even the mild irritation caused by restoration activity can result in increased sexual sensation. Well worth the effort!

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        I've wondered if it's even possible for a loose covering like the Manhood to allow for the same sensitivity increase as actually having skin to cover the glans. I'd imagine it wouldn't allow for much dekeratinization. The corona is really the most sensitive part (that's not missing from circumcision), and if that remains exposed to air, the surface will stay buried under a few layers of dead tissue.

        If he has enough skin, he might try using something to hold the skin at least part way over the glans. That can be done with tape, band-aids, tugging devices, or one of Ron's Your-Skin Cones.