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Desensibilization, dekeretanization and your skin-cone

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  • Desensibilization, dekeretanization and your skin-cone

    I have a few question about those topics i would really appreciate if the experience tuggers could help me to solve them.

    1) The desensibilization in the glans is only because of keratinization or is possible that could be some nerve damage?. The thing is that i have a curvature in the penis and when i masturbated I rub that part of the penis and is way more desensitized than the other half and i wonder this becausea few years ago sex was way more enjoyable than now i and wonder that.

    2)Is possible to reach dekeratinization just using your skin cone?. I am actually tugging and I already have almost one year using your skin cone and I would like to know if when i reach CI-5 i would be better.

    3)In your experience how long takes the dekeratinization?. I just wonder.

    Thanks in advance